Washington will announce the new team name and logo on February 2

The team announced on Tuesday that the Washington football team will announce its new name and logo on February 2.

With the team giving up its former Redskins nickname in July 2020, the Washington team has been in the rebranding process for more than two years. The team will unveil its new face on NBC’s “Today” program. The announcement will be a few days after the NFL Championship weekend, but a few weeks before the Super Bowl.

Team chairman Jason Wright said in a video and an article on the team’s website that the new name will not be Wolves or Red Wolves, although it is a popular choice for fans.

Wright said there are too many existing legal issues with this name.

“Earlier, we knew that Wolves-or some of its variants-were one of our fans’ favorites,” Wright said. “As I have always said, we take feedback from fans seriously, and because you are very interested in the name, we have included the Wolves in a list of options that can be fully explored. However, once we start to study Wolves , We realized a significant challenge: trademarks held by other teams would limit our ability to name ourselves. Without the Wolves, for these and other reasons, a variant like RedWolves would not be possible.”

The NBA owns the Minnesota Timberwolves, while Arkansas State University is known as the Red Wolves. Some teams share a nickname—such as the New York Giants in the NFL and the San Francisco Giants in Major League Baseball—but if a name can be confused with another existing trademark, the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office usually rejects the trademark application.

Since the Redskins retired, the team has been replaced by the Washington football team.

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