Washington struggles to contain the virus after low vaccination rates

Richmond-After trying to get players vaccinated, the Washington football team is having trouble controlling the virus.

Washington Put all-professional guard Brandon Scherff on the NFL’s COVID-19 reserve roster and solve David Sharpe’s problem-bringing the team’s total to six players, these players Now absent from training camp due to agreement. In addition to the two wingers, wide receiver Curtis Samuel, cornerback Chris Miller, defensive tackle Matt Ioannidis and tackle Cornelius Lucas are also on the list. . Players on the list either test positive for the virus or are deemed to have been in close contact with the infected person.

According to the NFL, at least 90% of the players on the 19 teams received a dose of the vaccine.but WashingtonIn contrast, as of last Monday, the proportion hovered around 60%, but since then the proportion has climbed to at least 70%.

coach Ron Rivera Saturday said that more players were vaccinated this week, but when talking to reporters after training, he Concerned about the continued increase in the total number of teams on the reserve roster.

“I mentioned to our people, this is a hypothetical scenario:’What if Sunday is the game day of the opener?” Rivera Say. “Even if contact tracing was carried out for some of them, that was five days (shelved). …For me, it brought the reality of what the rules are. I hope it helps. But. Likewise, these young people must make a decision.”

As of Saturday morning, Washington Considered to be the second-most player on the COVID-19 reserve roster-second only to the Arizona Cardinals, which has 9 players.

Rivera Already requested his The team was vaccinated and even called on them at a press conference. With the opening of the training camp, Rivera Say he “Very frustrated” about the low vaccination rate and revealed he It is immunodeficiency. RiveraThose who fought with cancer last season often wear masks around people just in case.

The players largely avoided saying why they were unwilling to be vaccinated, and even refused to confirm that they were not vaccinated. DeAndre Hopkins of Arizona, who appeared to be reluctant about possible long-term side effects, wrote in a now-deleted tweet that his girlfriend’s brother had a heart problem after receiving the injection. Although the CDC acknowledges that there are reports of heart inflammation cases that mainly occur in people 30 years of age and younger, such cases are rare.

As part of the alliance agreement, unvaccinated players must wear masks during drills and indoors. On Friday, Shelf wore a mask while talking to reporters. Although he could have worn one for precaution, Scherf did not disclose whether he was vaccinated.

On Saturday, Shelf was pulled off the field before practice began, and then returned to the training ground.

“This is a personal decision for me,” Shelf said on Friday. “This is everyone’s personal decision. No one handles it. You know, we are all here to play football, and this is what we are doing.”

Rivera Say Washington Some players made an appointment for vaccinations through a team’s medical provider on Sunday.Coach said he Waiting to see if they will show up.

Rivera Concerned about the competitive disadvantage caused by the number of cases. he It is not only difficult for coaches and scouts to make a comprehensive assessment of the roster, but also for players who are absent to miss time.

he Added because WashingtonThe schedule-the team will face the Los Angeles Chargers on September 12 and then face the New York Giants in “Thursday Night Football”-anyone who tests positive near the opener may not be eligible for the next game competition.

“This is a difficult topic,” Rivera Say. “I have tried to discuss this issue with many of our players and talked to many of our players who have not done so. This is a personal matter, but I hope we can influence it. Hope.”

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