Washington prepares for key NFC eastward extension

As early as May, when the NFL schedule was announced, Ron Rivera (Ron Rivera) had begun to accept what he called a “round robin.” It is not difficult to see why.this Washington The coach saw that his team will end the season with five consecutive divisional games-this is likely to determine the National League East.

“Once we solve this problem,” Rivera told the team’s website, “It will be about, where is the standings?”

This time has finally arrived, and the ranking is very clear: Washington is correct.

Yes Dallas Cowboys (8-4) Leading by two games at FedEx Stadium on Sunday.But this weekend marks a critical opportunity Washington (6-6) Progress in the game when the team is the host Dallas. This is the first of two games, Washington There is still a chance to surpass its main competitors.

This is what Rivera and the company can demand after their terrible start of the year.

“We are controlling it,” Rivera said. “For us, what happens to the Washington football team is now in our hands. We go out and we have the ability. We give ourselves a chance and this is where we want. This is what we discussed when the schedule was first released One of the things you’ve ever done, because you can do it and you have a chance.

“Now that the opportunity is here, we must seize it.”

WashingtonOf players and coaches understand how a department oscillates by handling business with departmental competitors.Despite ending 7-9, Burgundy and the Gold team won the NFC East with a 4​​-2 record cowboy, Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants. Washington, Especially sweep Dallas And Philadelphia.

But don’t get me wrong, Washington There are serious challenges ahead-even if it has won four consecutive games.this cowboy It is still the top priority to win NFC East, and the odds setters list them as -700.For context, someone must bet $700 to win $100 cowboy Win the partition.

Not just gamblers see cowboy Definitely bet, either.Fifty-eight advanced statistical models cowboy‘The probability of winning the division is 79%.not only Dallas Wins more than Washington, this cowboy In the DVOA index of football outsiders that measure efficiency, their offensive (seventh) and defensive (fourth) ranks are in the top ten.

Last season, Washington beat Dallas No need to face quarterback Dak Prescott. This is not the case this season, because Prescott is healthy now.

However, cowboy The past few weeks have been unbalanced, and Washington Has soared. One of the biggest improvements for the Burgundy and Golden teams is defense-during their winning streak, the team only scored 17.5 points per game. The team performed better in the third fall and left the field, keeping the team’s conversion rate at 30.8%.

“I don’t think we have ever (ridden),” Washington Said defensive tackle Matt Ioannidis. “Obviously, the schedule looks grim, but in the end everyone in that building believed everyone in that building. So, after the farewell week, we did recover, we did come out, and I think we are To form an identity.”

even though Washington Managed to beat cowboy, Who is the 4 point favorite, the last four games will largely determine the playoffs. eagle, WashingtonOpponent afterwards Dallas, Just outside the wild card points, with a record of 6-7.if Washington By slipping, the team may fall into the standings-and withdraw from the playoffs-because a group of NFC teams hover around 0.500.

Only giants– WashingtonThe last game of the year-almost withdrew from the divisional game with a score of 4-8. New York has no starting quarterback Daniel Jones (neck), substitute Mike Glennon (concussion), the whole offense has not come together yet.

WashingtonHowever, in the last second of Week 2, the goal score was barely defeated by the Giants.And the Giants defeated Washington Twice in 2020.

Not much is taken for granted.

“It’s really going to get serious-the five divisional games at the end of the season-we understand that,” Washington Said defensive tackle Jonathan Allen. “We put ourselves where we want. So now we have to use capital, we have to stay healthy, we have to start training again, because it will be a training.”

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