Washington players emphasize personal choice rather than coach’s vaccination rate issue

Richmond– Terry McLaughlin Say without hesitation: heWas vaccinated.

Washington’s wide receiver can be counted as 60% of the team’s players who have received at least one dose of the vaccine. he Ron Rivera said he was confused by the team’s reluctance to shoot, and he was not in the group that caused the frustration of Ron Rivera’s anger. According to reports, as of Monday, Washington’s vaccination rate is the lowest in the league-it is unclear how many players will help increase this number.

McLaughlin As a leader, he Want to do the best thing for the team. But one day after their coach made a comment, McLaughlin Others said that the situation will still boil down to personal choice.

“We all understand this position he In last year and this position heStill,” McLaughlin Say. “We have to pay attention to this. We never want to put anyone in danger, especially he Get rid of cancer he From. We all feel the same about this. …However, I think this is just a collective matter. People must make their own decisions, but we must also pay attention to how this affects our team. ”

McLaughlin Is one of the three players offered to reporters-and he Is the only one to say he Was vaccinated. Defensive winger Jonathan Allen evaded this question, even though he did not wear a mask-which shows that he was vaccinated because unvaccinated players must wear a mask in front of reporters when they are indoors.

At the same time, Logan Thomas was wearing a mask. The near end said he would not share his vaccination status, but added: “I will say that everyone has the right to express their opinions.” Thomas also participated in the last training camp for COVID-19-missed the first few days Training.

Thomas said that actually contracting the virus did not affect his views on vaccines in some way.

“Obviously everyone has their own thinking process,” Thomas said. “As long as you are educated in this area, you can make your own decisions.”

Washington invited a famous immunologist in June to discuss vaccine issues with players. The meeting helped some players, such as rookie wide receiver Dax Milne, who said he found the meeting to be informative. But there are others, such as Montes Sweet on the defensive end, who said he “dislikes information push” and does not plan to shoot because he is not infected with the virus.

Rivera said on Tuesday that the locker room may be nervous about their vaccinations — especially if a team has to abandon the game due to the coronavirus outbreak among unvaccinated players. According to NFL rules, this year is possible . Rivera said he was particularly frustrated because he had immunodeficiency and had not been diagnosed with cancer.

McLaughlin When asked, players must weigh their personal decisions and sacrifice for the team.

“We must always be aware of this,” McLaughlin Say. “We know the rules and they have clearly stated these rules in our meetings so far. … this year we have some big goals. We are not excited about entering the playoffs, but we want to reach There is also some noise.

“It just starts with how we care about each other and understand what is best for ourselves and each person, because we have very big goals. … Others understand that vaccinated or not, understand the possible consequences . This is just something that will appear in everyone’s mind.”

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