Washington football team retains Logan Thomas with new three-year contract

One day after signing Jonathan Allen For a new contract, the Washington football team offered Logan Thomas a three-year contract to retain the 30-year-old near-end for the foreseeable future after the most productive season of his career. Front.

The details of this transaction are not immediately available, which provides more security for Thomas, who is about to enter the final year of the contract. It also rewarded him for his outstanding performance in 2020, as he completed a career-high 72 passes in 670 yards and 6 touchdowns.

Washington relied heavily on Thomas last season. He made 1,009 steals on the court-ranking second among all technical players in the NFL.

He became the first choice for Scott Turner’s offense because Thomas’ 110 goals were only behind Terry McLaughlin (134). He is particularly effective in the red zone, using his 6-foot-6-inch body to create dislocations and catch the ball in a narrow window.

Facts have proved that under the leadership of coach Ron Rivera, Thomas is one of Washington’s best signings. The team signed him last year for only two years for $6 million-this low-cost signing looked like a steal after Thomas came on the court. Washington believes Thomas is a man who can play a bigger role after Detroit and Buffalo take the bench.

For Thomas, this is an amazing story because he was a college quarterback. Thomas switched to a close end only four and a half years ago, which was after he bounced off the roster as a quarterback.

Tight end coach Pete Hoener praised Thomas’ development last month, calling the Virginia Tech product the team’s most reliable offensive player.

“Now, when I talk about a full close end, he has to be in the top five, six or seven of the league,” Horner said. “His way of blocking, his attitude as a true professional player, his leadership skills and his performance as a receiver are all proven now. I hope it will continue to rise.”

By signing Thomas, Washington took care of another player before the team’s first training camp.On Monday, the team signed Jonathan Allen A four-year, $72 million contract that rewards the defensive captain who provides a stable presence on the defensive line.

The NFL network first reported on Thomas’ signing.

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