Washington football team chairman Jason Wright says the roster has shrunk drastically

Richmond, Virginia-President of Washington Football Jason Wright It said on Thursday that the organization has drastically reduced the list of potential teams and is expected to be announced before the 2022 NFL draft.

In an interview with the Associated Press at a community event held concurrently with the Virginia Capital Training Camp, Wright Say Washington Efforts are being made to make the rebranding process transparent. he Refusal to disclose how many names are still under consideration.

“We have narrowed the scope drastically,” Wright Tell the Associated Press. “Therefore, there is a small group of names that have been made into complete visual effects and logos and everything we are discussing over and over again.”

After the club abandoned the old name in July 2020, the Washington football team became the official name for the second consecutive season. WrightThose who were hired in August said, New name There will not be any Native American connotations or imagery.

Wright Wrote on the blog about choosing a name to commemorate the history of the team, including three Super Bowl champions. Ask directly if the name has been selected, he Say: “I don’t want to grab our team.”

“It’s like heirlooms, managing the flow of heirlooms is a very important thing,” he Tell Washington On Thursday, WTOP radio. “It is very important that we do our best to manage this properly.”

The Cleveland Indians back in Major League Baseball suddenly announced on Twitter last week that they were Become a guardian, Washington Always focus on transparency as part of the process so that fans can understand how the final decision is reached. More than 25,000 names were submitted, including alumni, season ticket holders, women, soldiers, and children, all of which are digital focus groups for the team’s comments.

“We want it to be as open as possible,” Wright Say. “At all different stages of this process, we have received a lot of opinions from fans and will continue to do so. We want people to be able to see their input and where their fingerprints are throughout the process.”

Washington Is collaborating with the creative agency Code & Theory, for a company that has recently experienced Independent investigation Enter the workplace and be in the midst of a top-down cultural change. In the following months, Tanya Snyder took over the daily operations of the organization, and her husband Dan focused on new stadium transactions and other business investments.

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