Warren Moon doesn’t see Colin Kaepernick getting another chance in NFL

Five full seasons have gone by since Colin Kaepernick last took an NFL snap, but that hasn’t stopped his supporters from insisting the 34-year-old could be a potential solution at quarterback for any number of teams.

Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon, though, doesn’t think it will happen. The former Houston Oilers star told TMZ Sports that he doesn’t think NFL owners will sign Kaepernick.

“I just don’t know if he‘s going to get that opportunity,” Moon said. “I just don’t think the NFL wants that subject back into the league.”

“Just thinking off the top of my head, those owners, they have a very close-knit unit and once they make their minds up that they don’t want to do something, it doesn’t happen,” Moon later added.

Kaepernick has recently been posting videos on social media of himself training. Last week, he had a workout with Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett. The former San Francisco 49ers signal caller reportedly reached out to Seattle coach Pete Carroll, who then said Kaepernick deserves a second chance in the NFL.

“Does that guy deserve a second shot? I think he does,” Carroll told reporters on Wednesday.

Kaepernickwho played six seasons with the 49ers and took the team to the Super Bowl in 2012, hasn’t played in the NFL since 2016. He struggled in his final two seasons with San Francisco, completing under 60% of his passes and leading the 49ers to a 3-16 record in his starts. But some believe Kaepernick’s banishment from the NFL is due to his kneeling during the national anthem, which sparked league-wide controversy in 2016 and 2017.

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