Want a Super Bowl ring? Dapper Labs and LA Rams offer NFT versions starting at $9

Dapper Labs, creators of NFT platform NBA Topshot, announced a new series of NFTs on Tuesday as part of a season-long partnership with the reigning Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams.

The new NFT series will recreate the championship ring the Rams won in February after beating the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl LVI. The rings will be available in tiers on Thursday, with the cheapest “starter ring” starting at $9 and the most expensive “Hall of Fame ring” retailing for $699.

While 5,000 entry rings will be sold on Thursday, only 50 Hall of Fame rings will be available for sale, the company said in a release.

In addition to owning a digital NFT, owning one of the Rams Super Bowl rings will give collectors a hands-on experience and a community of collectors, said Dave Feldman, senior vice president of marketing at Dapper Labs. wealth.

“We really wanted to bring fans to LA for games and have them experience in a suite like that on the court, in the tailgate for our fan base, and other things that we think will really nurture community and build. . A FOMO experience,” he said.

Courtesy of Dapper Labs

Dapper Labs will sell ram-themed digital collectibles through it NFL All Day Market For football-themed NFTs.The marketplace is open in closed beta Since last September But there has been a lot of interest, Feldman said.

Dapper Labs was founded in 2018, but as digital artist Beeple sold an NFT artwork for a landmark $69 million in March 2021, the popularity of their NBA Top Shot collection has surged soaring, so it jumped into the spotlight last year. In May, NBA Top Shot surpassed $1 billion in salesand the company is looking to replicate that success with its NFL all-day platform.

Since the launch of NFL All Day, Feldman said 186,000 collectors have purchased nearly 500,000 packs of NFTs worth nearly $40 million. He hopes the partnership with the Rams will bring more attention to the platform, which he said will soon be available to the public. Feldman declined to say when the platform will be released publicly.

Dapper Labs’ partnership with the Rams comes at a time when NFT prices are slumping across the board. Global NFT sales reached $647.23 million in July, down about 87% from the $4.78 billion recorded in January and down 26% since June, According to Be[In]encryption research.

Despite the decline in NFT sales, Feldman, who is also the general manager of the NFL All Day, said he is not concerned about a prolonged crypto winter. Feldman said Dapper Labs is expanding its reach beyond crypto-native, focusing more on fans who may not even know what a blockchain or NFT is.

“They’re just amazing collectibles that people want, whether they’re linked to the blockchain or not,” he said.

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