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Press release. Miami, Florida. – Vybe, LLC announced today that they are developing an app that will allow people to mine cryptocurrency on social media.

“What if you got a cryptocurrency for every like you got on social media?” said Blake Marum, business development manager at Vybe. “That’s what Vybe does. It connects your content creator website to a cryptocurrency. wallet and automatically credit VYBE to your wallet for every like you get on social media.”

VYBE is a token or Algorand Standard Asset (ASA) on the Algorand blockchain. It works similarly to Algo and has been verified by Pera, the official wallet of Algorand.

“The app distributed 222,603 ​​VYBEs every 6 hours for 20 years,” explained Vybe lead developer Ravi Dhar They will be rewarded proportionally to this mining pool. So it measures content quality. The more likes you get from the world, the more VYBE you get from the app. Users are miners who get paid for posting. “

Once downloaded, the app runs in the background and automatically deposits VYBE into your Algorand wallet. “It’s like a bank account,” Malum said, “or a slot machine,” he said with a laugh. “Clear, clear, clear…you don’t have to do anything else. The app quantifies and rewards content quality. If you’re still going to post, why not pay?”

So how much is VYBE worth?

“It’s nothing,” Vybe program manager Armaan Kapoor said candidly, “now they’re almost worthless. Almost zero. But the plan is to change that.” Use cases are valuable over time, he explains why he and his team believe this code creates substantial value,

“Instagram made over $20 billion in ad revenue last year. How much did they generate from their content? Hardly nothing. Their users made content for them. You did it. How much did they pay for that content? Nothing. You make their content, they pay you with a heart emoji.” Kapoor added: “Your content has value. That’s why more than half of the world’s population uses social media and spends an average of three hours a day on The reason above. This is why people follow you and why Twitter is worth $44 billion. Vybe tag likes. This is not possible with credit cards and centralized systems. It is about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. This makes creation A reader can extract those likes and some of the value from your social media site and put it into an Algorand wallet, where you can convert it into other assets.”

Kapoor added that Vybe also makes it as easy as possible for anyone to mine cryptocurrency.Instead of using expensive processors that consume a lot of power to solve arbitrary math problems that are thrown away once solved, e.g. bitcoin, Vybe uses likes. “This is our mining mechanism,” Kapoor said, “and this is how we distribute VYBE to the world.” Vybe is also building a geolocation gaming application to add to the Vybe ecosystem over time extra value.

Vybe launched their early adopter program on May 20. It lasts until August 1st, when they plan to release the mining application.You can learn more on their website Web pageand pre-registered as early adopter“We’re here,” Marum said, “building useful apps and having fun.”

For more information on Vybe, follow them Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and their other social media site. You can also read more about the Vybe project and team here.

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