Virginia coach Bronco Mendenhall steps down after the bowl

Mustang Mendenhall The idea that it’s time to do something else comes up first he the day after tomorrow his The team lost frustratingly to Virginia Tech.

Over the next few days, the Virginia coach considered other solutions, but as the week progressed he It feels clearer. he Announced on Thursday heStepped down

Mendenhall will coach the Cavaliers in their bowl games and then abruptly end his six-year tenure. During this period, “what you win, what you don’t give” has become the mantra of the plan, and the upward trajectory has been greatly increased in the past two years. Slow down.

“I would like to say that there are such accumulations and a lot of insights and ideas, but obviously this week I have a clear feeling that I need to step down from college football, re-evaluate, update, refactor and re-invent, with my wife As partners, our future and the next chapter of our lives,” Mendenhall Said on a hastily organized conference call with reporters.

The decision is his with his Alone, Mendenhall Said, adding that sports director Kara Williams and university president Jim Ryan asked him to stay.

The 55-year-old said: “This is just an opportunity to just step back in 31 years…and reshape ourselves, our family and our goals.” Mendenhall Said.

“Holly, my wife, was also a little shocked,” he said.

He took his two children to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to teach, and the third child went to college in January. Mendenhall Said he Looking forward to spending time with you his No wife he Known as the “Rhythm of the Football Season” and found his Next way.

he Do not rule out coaching again one day.

“This is not breaking and pausing and then becoming irrelevant. It is actually breaking and pausing, and then hoping to become more influential in helping and developing, teaching and serving others, which is exactly what I want,” he said . “So I’m very excited about it. What will it look like? I don’t know.”

Mendenhall Said he Tell his Staff at 4:45 p.m. EST and his Team at 5 pm, and then talk to reporters on the phone at 5:30 pm

The team’s reaction?

“They have similar reactions, tears, shock, sadness, disbelief, yes, it takes time to deal with,” he Said.

Mendenhall’s record in Virginia is 36 wins and 38 losses. Two years ago, he led the Cavaliers to participate in their only Atlantic Coast League Championship game four times. Virginia also lost 15 consecutive games against rival Virginia Tech in 2019, but lost all the last four games of the season, including a 29-24 loss to Hawke on Saturday.

The Cavaliers ended the regular season with a 6-6 record.Mendenhall finalized his It was decided after four days.

“It’s personal, it’s just a bigger picture-this is what I think-the decision,” he Say and add that losing streak is not the real factor his choose.

Hokies played that game with the interim coach. On Thursday, they introduced former Penn State University defensive coordinator Brent Pry as the new coach.

“The next journey will be uncovered as we move forward. If there is no pause, contemplation and reflection, it will be difficult to uncover it, so this is what I chose to do,” Mendenhall Said.

he Said he The choice to announce this news now is to refocus attention on the preparation of the team and its bowl. The Cavaliers will determine their bowl destination on Sunday.

Mendenhall After 11 seasons as a coach at Brigham Young University, he moved to Virginia. This is also a surprising move. The Utah native scored 99-43 with the Cougars.

Virginia lost 37-20 to Richmond in the championship division, his The first game, the result revealed he Than-toughhe-Future imagination tasks. The Cavaliers ended the bowl drought 6-6 in the following regular season, but lost to the Navy 49-7 in the Military Bowl. They chose not to participate in the bowl game last season.

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