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to imagine die hard stubborn except john mclean is santa claus and Zhongfu Plaza It’s a New England mansion. you just described night of violence, an entertaining R-rated holiday action movie, opens Dec. 2. In the film, strange things Star David Harbor stars as Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick, who is very depressed this Christmas Eve. Until he stumbles across a robbed house with its residents being held hostage. what will santa do Kick the fucking ass, that’s all.

but how do you become the most Kid-friendly, recognizable characters Is there a person in the world who seems as comfortable feeding reindeer as he is swinging a sledgehammer? io9 spoke to Harbor about his new version of Santa in the run-up to the film’s release, giving the character a dynamic backstory, as well as some of his favorite Christmas movies. Read all about it below.

Take a photo with director Tommy Wirkola.

Take a photo with director Tommy Wirkola.
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Germain Lussier, io9: Playing Santa is a big responsibility. It may stay with you throughout your career. Did you think about that when you decided to take on the role?

Port David: Worried about being stereotyped as Santa Claus. [Laughs] Like, “We don’t want him because of this or that, but if you have Santa in your movie, let’s call it David Harbor.” Nope [but] That’s a concern I have now looking back on, that playing his character was a terrible idea. But I didn’t actually think about that. Because the thing is, he’s such a unique Santa. He started out as the glasses-wearing, “hehehehe” kind of guy. But as the movie progressed, he was such a beast of his own that it never really occurred to me that I would be stereotyped as Santa Claus. But now I’m worried. so thank you.

io9: Well, I don’t mean genre shifting, it’s just that these movies, the holiday movies, have the potential to be a Elf or home alone. A matter of thousands of years. So are you ready to talk about this character for the rest of your life?

port: [Laughs] I mean, Will Ferrell only made one Elfisn’t it?

io9: But I don’t think he likes to talk about it now. I think he’s had enough.

port: I’m very good. We could talk about it for the rest of my life. I’m very good.

Harbor and the film's villain, played by John Leguizamo.

Harbor and the film’s villain, played by John Leguizamo.
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io9: The press release mentioned that you put a lot of effort into the early development of the character. What specific content did you add?

port: Well, I want him to travel. The most important thing about a character is that you want them to have an arc and develop, right? There were places in the original script that were less developed. He’s a badass the whole time.And what I want is [for] He started out as the saccharine Santa in a Coca-Cola ad in the ’30s, with rosy cheeks, tiny glasses, and a smiling “heh heh heh.” And then look at how disgusting this makes him, he has become this thing, greed is all that. It’s about this saccharine belly and candy, like joy. He’s like, “I created this monster…but what I really care about is justice.” And I think that’s where he becomes a badass, and that’s taking off the skin, and it requires little girls to say to him, “We need A different person.” And he was like, “I’m that person.” So my contribution was more about the arc of the work and the arc of the character, which I was very interested in, and at first I thought it was a little bit out of place. developed.It’s more like, “Oh, he’s an action hero.” I want to see him as someone who isn’t an action hero [but] Who has to jump in. Then you see the following history from this.

io9: Yeah, it was a nice surprise that we actually got to see some of Santa’s backstory and origins, which I read was even more common at some point. How much does learning about a character’s epic origin influence your performance?

everyone outside is in the snow

Santa and family.
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port: Yes, it’s fun. Quite interesting. We shot more, and then in the final film, we wanted to be more mysterious. But I’m really fascinated by all the myths, all the different cultural myths about Santa Claus. I mean, I think, one of the things that we even brought up early on was that he called himself Red Nicholas. But at one point, he was Saint Nicholas in Christian mythology, he was Weihnachtsmann in German, and he had all these different versions. So I want to flesh out who this person is. At one point, I also looked up Saint Nicholas, the archetype of Santa Claus and the saint of repentant sinners.So I’m very interested in his idea [forgiving]. he said to john [Leguizamo]The character is on several fronts, like, “Give it up. I’ll send you back. You can make a nice list.” Those who are determined to be naughty really have to get the axe. So all these different character elements come from that backstory.

io9: Yes, that would be cool.I think that’s obviously the heart of the story, but at a higher level it’s directly influenced by die hard stubborn Movie.And then there’s Beverly D’Angelo from Chrismas holiday, and home alone Scenes. So, what’s your favorite wink of the film’s take on another holiday flick?What movies did you revisit that holiday, other than night of violence certainly?

port: yes i mean i like home alone sequence. I think it’s very well done. In fact, she brought it up at the beginning and only came out at the end.This die hard stubborn The references are all great has the shape of the whole thing around it die hard stubborn. Personally, the movies that are closest to me and that mean the most to me are Miracle on 34th Streett, basically this little girl who doesn’t believe in santa claus [at first] Believe at the end of the movie.It’s not quite the same arc, but for me is the emotional core of the story, a little girl who needs something because of her crumbling family structure, something she needs to believe in [is important here]Not only will this man now protect her physically, but she can trust him to be a source of generosity, justice, and kindness.that’s very Miracle on 34th Street Tome

He will return in Thunderbolts as Harbor of the Marvel character Red Guardian.

Harbor returns as Marvel character Red Guardian thunderbolt.
picture: Marvel Studios

io9: Oh, of course. That’s i’m going back night of violence. but lest I miss the point – at this year’s D23, Marvel announced that your character will return thunderbolt. How much do you know about that movie? Are you excited to be back in the MCU?

port: Yes, I’m excited. They’ve told me about the arc of the movie and how it works. I haven’t seen the script yet. I’ve talked to designers about similar things. And super cool. The idea is really cool.Jack [Schreier], the director is a very interesting, fresh mind for this universe.what he wants to do to florence [Pugh]His character was interesting, and how I thought about the way our relationship developed was interesting.i loved wyatt [Russell] and sebastian [Stan] and julia [Louis-Dreyfuss]Characters across the universe and putting those characters together feels very random. And then when you look at what the writers Jack and Eric Pearson are trying to shape, it’s really clever, and we’re going to introduce an interesting thing to the universe that has profound implications. So you have this movie, you know, kind of a rabble. It’s going to be fun, it’s going to be weird, it’s going to be action. And then we’re going to drop bombs too, which is pretty cool.

io9: Wow, I’m excited too. Now, I guess most Christmas movies don’t feature weapons training. This one apparently did.Is there anything unique about this training, swordsmanship is from strange things Did the fourth season turn out to help?

port with a great sword

port at strange things season four.
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port: [Laughs] No, it’s much more complicated than swordplay from strange things. Fencing in strange things Like I’m picking a sword, me and the Duffer Brothers. It looks super cool. I mean, we did some great things in that sequence, but it wasn’t very well trained. This, there is a lot of training. Hammer stuff, I do a lot of training. Then the real fighting is jiu-jitsu and Greco-Roman wrestling.The stunt team has done all the work john wick movies, even new ones matrix and nobody. Crazy kung fu type movie. So it’s a Greco-Roman version, but with a lot of training and it’s pretty intense. I was very tired during the whole shooting process.

io9: This movie is basically a weapon for all the Christmas decorations. What do you enjoy most and have the most fun working with?

port: Well. I mean, I have to say Lollipop is pretty darn fun. Determine early on that he’s just sucking on a candy cane, and you’re like, “Oh, why is he like that, oh no, there’s a reason for that.” Because it makes the calves better. That’s crazy. I love candy cane handles.

Image from article titled 'Night of Violence' David Harbor on making Santa Claus his own

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io9: Yes, of course. So this is my last question, but I have to say I love this movie and it’s very funny. Without spoiling either, though, Santa is pretty resilient in this movie. If the movie was a hit, and I think it could be, would you jump back into the sled again?

port: Yes, I’d love to do more of this. this is a good idea. Likewise, you can make a fun action movie and want to get people in the Christmas spirit and the joy of Christmas. So it’s really interesting. So yeah, I’d love to do more if people like it.

io9: Awesome. Well, I think they will.

night of violence Releases December 2.

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