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According to a new job list, Gamestop, a US retailer of video games, consumer electronics and gaming merchandise, is looking for a senior software engineer specializing in non-fungible tokens (NFT). Similar to the recruitment information recently released by social media service company Reddit, retail giant Gamestop seems to be building an NFT market.

Gamestop hopes to hire engineers to join the company’s NFT/blockchain team

On October 25th, Gamestop, a retail chain of video game merchandise and consumer electronics, released a job posting to recruit senior software engineers for possible NFT platforms. If a candidate is hired, he will join the “NFT/blockchain team” of Gamestop.

“Gamestop is looking for a senior software engineer to join our NFT/blockchain team,” the company’s Work list notes. “This role is remote and will work with a team of engineers, product managers, designers, and business partners located in the United States. In this role, you will help design, build and maintain highly scalable services and core API components for The product provides support and features that satisfy millions of Gamestop customers.”

Gamestop is not only well-known for the video game store operated by its company, but the recent Wallstreetbets fiasco has brought the company entity into the spotlight.Allegedly, Wall Street hedge funds tried to short the company’s stock, and Reddit users came from Wallstreetbets subreddit Try to reverse this trend through “short squeeze”. Many other companies such as Gamestop and AMC made headlines this year, and their stocks have changed from Wall Street betting fiasco.

Gamestop’s recent NFT/blockchain team member position list is Popular subjects On the Reddit forum r/cryptocurrency in the past two days. “This is one of the best job listings I have seen in a while,” one person wrote on Reddit. “Very clear expectations and requirements make sense (and [are not] Artificial inflation) There is room for maneuver. No degree, but know your sh** professionally? Get in there,” Redditor added.

Gamesstop job list follow Similar NFT job listings From the Reddit company released last week. The American social news aggregation and discussion site Reddit is looking for a senior software engineer for a platform featuring “NFT-supported digital goods.”

Gamestop’s job requirements are similar to the Reddit list, but Gamestop wants potential employees to understand encryption and NFT. “NFT market experience and knowledge of encryption, Ethereum and Ethereum’s second-tier products” is a prerequisite for Gamestop’s listing.

What do you think about Gamestop hiring senior software engineers for possible NFT platforms? Please tell us your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below.

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