ViaBTC is on the way

From CPU to GPU to ASIC, BTC mining has set off a hardware “arms race”. The hash rate of miners has been rising due to the introduction of more advanced mining chips, making mining incredibly difficult. At the same time, the computing power is concentrated by large mining farms and large institutions, and it is difficult for retail miners to obtain the right to update blocks only by relying on their own computing power. In order to stay in the game, more and more miners choose to join mining pools to obtain stable mining income.

Before choosing one of the many mining pools, miners should consider the following factors. First, brand awareness. In general, well-known mining pools are more reliable as they tend to be highly recognized by the miner community. Second, the products and services provided by the user experience pool. In most cases, a mining pool with a full range of products enables an efficient and convenient mining experience. All in all, the brand recognition and user experience of the products and services are supported by the technical capabilities of the team behind the pool. Strong technical capabilities enable mining pools to provide a good mining environment, thereby better safeguarding the interests of miners.

Six years of steady steps: ViaBTC is reliable and trustworthy

In March 2016, ViaBTC founder Yang Haibo developed and deployed ViaBTC Pool by himself. Just two months later, ViaBTC Pool was officially launched. In June of that year, the BTC mining pool was introduced. In order to improve mining revenue, ViaBTC Pool has innovated the payment method and invented the first PPS+ in the mining industry. In addition to the block reward, in the PPS+ mode, miners will also receive a daily mining fee based on their contribution. The invention was widely recognized by miners and mining institutions. By doing so, the pool became one of the top 5 in the world in terms of BTC hashrate in less than 5 months after its launch.

As a comprehensive crypto mining pool serving the world, ViaBTC always adheres to the principles of security, transparency, fairness and freedom. After 6 years of dedicated efforts, the mining pool has launched mining services for dozens of cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, and LTC. The invention of PPS+ has greatly enhanced ViaBTC’s brand awareness in the miner community. It is now the first choice for miners.

6 years of actual combat: ViaBTC insists on innovation

How to provide a better mining experience to attract more miners has always been a challenge for mining pools. ViaBTC is always committed to providing new products and services, and is committed to innovation, and interprets the meaning of the phrase “good wine does not need bushes” with practical actions.

For example, ViaBTC Pool provides a variety of channels, free and paid, to meet the needs of different groups of miners by upgrading transaction acceleration; enabling ViaBTC’s computing power fluctuation notifications to save miners from continuing to check the computing power, because when the number drops to a set value They will be notified when the threshold is reached; hedging services and crypto loans will be introduced to help miners ease cash flow difficulties and handle funds more flexibly, especially under extreme market conditions.

ViaBTC always starts from miners’ rights and interests, insists on product innovation, provides a full set of products and supporting services, and provides miners with a more efficient and convenient mining experience.

6 years of pioneering and enterprising: ViaBTC is backed by a strong team

A company’s success depends on its team. ViaBTC has always adhered to the concept of “team is the most important product of the company”, and regards the team as the company’s core competitiveness and the most iconic product. Through 6 years of talent search, ViaBTC has built a strong global team with rich working experience in world-renowned Internet and financial companies. Notably, some pioneers in the crypto industry have already joined ViaBTC.

As a technical expert, Yang Haibo attaches great importance to code security because he has keen insight into security and auditing. Since the establishment of ViaBTC mining pool, there has never been a major security incident. ViaBTC mining pool relies on a strong team to provide miners with a safe and stable mining environment, so that miners can feel at ease every time they mine.

Despite the highly cyclical nature of the mining industry, ViaBTC is not going to stop moving despite wild market volatility. Even if the road ahead is full of thorns, ViaBTC will not give up. It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. ViaBTC will join hands with miners to embrace the new era of encryption and create greater glories in the next 6 years.

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