Veteran actress Mumtaz opens up about her affair

Mumtaz tied the knot with Mayur Madhvani back in 1974. However, their married life was not as happy as initially expected. Mumtaz spilled more beans when she opened up about her affair, not long after her husband got involved.

Mumtaz was a fashion icon and a huge success at the time. She starred in countless movies alongside the late Rajesh Khanna.

Her husband’s extramarital affair has been a topic of public concern. Speaking to a leading entertainment portal about the constant chatter surrounding it, she commented: “It’s very common for men to have an affair through the back door. My husband doesn’t have…except one. I respect him because he told me about it himself. He confided that he had a crush on American girls. He was born and raised in America. But he insisted, “Mumtaz, you are my wife. I love you and will always love you. I will never leave you. ‘ The problem arose because I was a bit ziddi (stubborn), thodi nakchadi (difficulty) thi. But today, it’s a forgotten story. Maaf toh zindagi mein ek baar Khuda bhi karta hai. I live like a queen. My husband never wanted everything I wanted. “

Mutaz Mutaz Mutaz

Mumtaz also went on to admit that moments like these felt lonely, and she also started a brief encounter. “Honestly, after this episode, I started to feel lonely. Main thodi rubabwali (headstrong) thi. I felt hurt. So, I flew to India. When you are among the thorns, someone comes with a rose When you come, you do get led away. But it’s no big deal. It’s just a temporary phase, and it’s over soon. I’m lucky my husband still loves me so much. Even though I’m a little sick, hungama khada ho jaata hai (have tones and cry about it),” she said.

While this isn’t the first time Mumtaz has spoken out about her affair, it continues to spark discussion.

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