Venom makes the Massacre: Matrix Resurrection Connection

Venom begins to act in the night action sequence of

Venom may not be taken any Pills, really.
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The reality of the film industry clustered around some similar centers is that sometimes, one project will conflict with another during the filming Yes However, when such a crossover enters the final movie, it is a bit strange.

This is the case with the latest release Andy Serkins venom sequel, Let the massacreIn the film, Tom Hardy’s Eddie and the nominal symbiote sneak into the night in San Francisco, and several helicopters are seen in the sky behind them, making the audience think they are deliberately looking for Venom and Eddie.It turns out that they just happened to be photographed by the camera crew during the shooting… they might have been looking for New and Trinity replace Let the massacreThe hero pair.

“A lot of things affected the shooting. Many of our driving shots disappeared because matrix Controlled the entire city center,”, venomChristopher Kusiak, location manager, told Blocker The location of this film encountered difficulties in San Francisco, where Lana Wachowski’s highly anticipated return arrive matrix Simultaneous shooting of the universe. “We ended up moving a stunt to the top of the parking lot because we couldn’t reach the area we wanted because matrix. But if we get there first, it may go the other way. “

This includes actually ending, albeit unintentionally, got a point​​ Matrix resurrectionShooting background Let the massacre“The helicopter is actually matrix Movie,” Cusick continued. “matrix They are shooting at the same time, so we captured some of their activities on the camera. “

We have to wait till resurrection Released in December See if the helicopter itself actually appears in the movie, or just exists for the filming itself-but if so, if you ask, this may not be the first thing you think of Venom: Let the Massacre There is a big, funny movie crossover. Well, more than one.

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