VCs don’t understand that Cardano has a community: Charles Hoskinson

In a recent YouTube video, Charles Hoskinson highlighted the rapid growth of Cardano (have) Ecosystem, while clarifying the concerns raised by other members of the crypto community in the past year.

When talking about the government’s view of cryptocurrency, Hoskinson said: “We live in a world where arbitrary groups become fact checkers and decide what is legal.” He pointed out that the vast majority of financial crimes are in U.S. dollars or other legal regulations. Currency.

According to Hoskinson, the growth of the crypto ecosystem this year may be slower than in 2022:

“It’s difficult to argue with an industry worth 2.5 trillion dollars and imagine where it will go. I think as an industry, we will only digest the consequences of becoming so big so quickly, for good or for bad.”

He also emphasized the need to change Silicon Valley’s bizarre mantra of “move fast and break the norm” in the crypto field, which will result in a loss of $10.5 billion in the decentralized finance (DeFi) field in 2021. Emphasizing Cardano’s slow and methodical approach, Hoskinson said:

“That’s why VCs don’t even really understand that Cardano has a community. They think it’s only me behind the microphone.”

Hoskinson also said that Cardano will gradually transition to a permanent open source project and compare it with the Linux operating system. He hopes to shift from a hierarchical structure to an open source DApp developed by Cardano community members:

“them [the developers] It should also commit to at least one of their developers to contribute to the Cardano protocol. “

In the long term, Hoskinson envisions this “small resource commitment” to complete the Cardano roadmap faster. He called on YouTube users, podcasters and venture capitalists who questioned Cardano’s growth to say “We are the number one submitted by GitHub”:

“If you are such an expert and you want to comment on the quality of our reviews, then please tell us which ones are wrong, which ones don’t make any sense, and which parts of the roadmap we have failed badly.”

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In a similar YouTube live conference, Hoskinson talked about the potential of DeFi and Cardano’s small role in the industry.

According to him, developers and creators need to cultivate a longer-term vision:

“To do this kind of project and do it well, it is very difficult to have a vision and a foresight into the future. Unfortunately, many projects in this field cannot stand the test of time. In fact, we will be in the next 5 years. We will see species extinction in 10 years.”