Various comics of TKO Comics will become TV through a new regency agreement

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These days, it seems almost guaranteed comic book Eventually it will become a TV series or movie.Although most of the heavyweights come from Publishers owned big company, The more independent and Not so flashy The deal can still be concluded, and this is what is happening at TKO Studios.

There is an excAn all-encompassing deal from New Regency, a production company whose resume includes movies Little woman with To Astra, The comics owned by the many creators of TKO may become TV shows, and if they continue to develop, they will be developed by Regency. On the publisher side, co-founders Salvatore Simeone and Tze Chun will be responsible for helping Regency develop and package the show. In a statement, Simeone and Chun expressed their excitement in bringing their portfolio to new mediaNew regent Creating breakthrough films and television records fits our history of publishing critically acclaimed thought-provoking genre stories,” they said.We believe that our company’s comprehensive strengths have formed an ideal partnership and created a new TV adaptation model that will benefit all parties, including our incredible creators. “

TKO was established in 2018, and its unique selling point is that the comics publish the entire storyline in two prints at the same time with digital. But for comics, this is an effective carnival, and it usually relies on the monthly story mode in many cases.In addition, each issue of It’s free, so you don’t have to pay anything to see if a book is right for you. Their nearly ten books became Amazon bestsellers, and their lineup Include a title like this Jeff Lemire and Gabriel Walta are nominated by Eisner for a sci-fi adventure Sentimental, MMA Thriller Genuine goods at a fair price Authors: Natalie Chaidez and Andy Belanger, and Garth Ennis and Steve Epting’s World War II book Sarah.

Currently, TKO has not said which of their many comics will be the first Expand to TV. These deals are likely to be under development As we said, but when finally there is more news Come out and see how their books perform in an environment that is already full of manga and graphic novel adaptations.

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