Valve’s latest Steam deck update promises to reduce fan noise

Valve on Thursday For Steam Deck, one of the more prominent issues people have had with handheld devices since its release was addressed. According to the company, the update introduces “an all-new OS-controlled fan curve,” which Valve claims allows the Steam Deck’s internal fans to respond quickly and intelligently to heat. In turn, the company says this allows the component to do its job more quietly, especially “under low usage.”

“This has been extensively tested and we’re continuing to work on improving it – so please let us know what you think,” Valve said.Many critics, including Engadget’s Jessica Conditt, in their . In fact, when iFixit For the handheld early last week, it was fast Huaying fan unit. Valve sourced fans for Steam Deck from two companies, Huaying’s fans are quieter, .

SteamOS 3.2 also introduced the option to adjust the refresh rate of the handheld’s display in-game. Valve recommends that Steam platform owners try setting their devices to 40Hz for the best balance between responsiveness and battery life. It’s also now possible to push the volume of the Steam Deck speakers even higher, and the company has accelerated the process of formatting microSD cards.Check out the full changelog for SteamOS 3.2 .

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