Uwald School Security Camera Shows Police Possess High-Power Rifle

Surveillance footage taken at Rob Elementary School in Uvald, Texas, on May 24, 2022 at 11:52 a.m., police officers with rifles just wait nearby as children and teachers are massacred.

Surveillance footage taken at Rob Elementary School in Uvald, Texas, on May 24, 2022 at 11:52 a.m., police officers with rifles just wait nearby as children and teachers are massacred.
screenshot: Rob Elementary School / KVUE / YouTube

Leaked security camera images of the interior of Rob Elementary School in Uwald, Texas, where the May 24 mass shooting occurred, show police officers armed with high-powered rifles and bulletproof shields at the scene, but standing there for more than an hour because 19 young students and 2 teachers slaughter. The two stills, taken from the school’s security cameras, are just the latest evidence that directly contradicts the official account provided by police shortly after the massacre.

Two images leaked to local TV station in Texas KVUE, OneAmerican politicianand Texas Tribune, they are able to collect detailed timelines of police activity or inactivity during mass shootings. KVUE reports that the station is able to view footage from security cameras, but there is currently no video.

A KVUE reporter who saw the video strongly suggested on Monday night’s broadcast that someone was helping with the current investigation into the shooting, allowing reporters a full view of the security camera footage, which clearly shows that police are following the shooter. Many news outlets have been denied official access to the footage through public records requests.

Last night’s clip from KVUE, available at YouTube, including an image that was time-stamped from a security camera at 11:52 AM local time, as you can see in the screenshot above. You can also see the cops just hanging out, or even just leaning against the wall, and they did that for over an hour. The gunman first entered the school at 11:33 a.m., according to the Austin American-Statesman.

The image was published in Texas Tribune The timestamp is not shown, but the news outlet reports it was shot at 12:04pm local time. The Tribune reported that, according to the footage, the police did not even attempt to open the door to the classroom, contradicting the police version of the incident initially told. The news outlet noted that “some law enforcement officers wondered if the door was ever locked.”

The Tribune includes a detailed timeline, taken from security camera footage and police radio chats. After the gunman opened fire on the police for the first time, forum At least three shots were also heard at 11:40am, 11:44am and 12:21pm local time, according to reports. Despite hearing gunshots, the police did not budge.

According to the Tribune, the police did not actually storm the classroom until 12:50 pm. Parents waiting outside heard gunshots as they desperately tried to reach their children at that harrowing moment.

There’s no word on whether the security camera footage will be released publicly, but that seems unlikely, as the Tribune reports it includes footage of the dead child being moved down the hallway:

A fisheye camera in the hallway captured a first responder standing in the middle of the hallway, his surgically gloved hand beckoning others standing behind him to stay there until all the police had left. Once he got the signal, he instructed the team to quickly enter rooms 111 and 112. Gurneys and ambulance backboards pop into view.

As they tried to assess their vital signs, the first to reach the victim inside pulled the motionless, bleeding child to the linoleum floor in the hallway. None of the children seemed to make a sound. The body of a child lay on the floor and had to be nudged to get others in and out of the space, his blood leaving a large crimson patch on the hallway floor.

The question of whether to display dead children in the aftermath of mass shootings has been a matter of debate, to say the least. Some believe that could spur reforms to America’s lax gun laws. Others think it won’t accomplish anything.

The Uwald massacre was the worst mass shooting in modern Texas history and became another focus of America’s horrific gun debate. Democrats are demanding anything to do to address America’s gun problem, while Republicans insist guns are not a problem and that the country should focus on “mental health” solutions.

However, the United States is not the only wealthy country in the world facing mental health challenges. It is the only rich country in the world with frequent mass shootings.

The Texas Senate is scheduled to hold a hearing today on the police response to the mass shooting. But any reference to gun control is reportedly prohibited. austin american statesman. Republicans have ensured that restricting access to guns is off the agenda.

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