USPS EV mail van, infrastructure will cost $3.3 billion

Rendering of USPS' next-generation vehicles delivering mail on suburban streets.

Imagine it’s electric.
picture: United States Postal Service

U.S. Postal Service trucks are in dire need of replacement, and the agency has a plan to do just that.Last year, it announced plans to move forward Buy the mail car of the future.

Later last week, it detailed those plans more fully Environmental Impact Statement, infer several different situations. One includes converting all of its 165,000 daily workhorse fleet to electric vehicles. But in the end, the USPS decided that wasn’t its preferred option, saying it wanted 10 percent of its new fleet to be electric, while the remaining 90 percent would use an internal combustion engine.

100% electric vehicle options face challenges, including where to install charging infrastructure in urban locations and providing mail delivery range in rural areas. But the main reason the USPS prefers a 90/10 split is cost. It called the 100% electric truck option its “preferred alternative,” but noted that “it would not be possible without additional funding.” The total cost of fully electrifying the fleet would be $11.6 billion, a $3.3 billion difference from the 90/10 ratio. To which I said, why hasn’t anyone given the Post Office this money yet?

You might find $3.3 billion in the collective couch cushions of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.Consider the F-35, a $1.5 trillion fighter jet Can’t even shoot directly. if the mod is really serious Regarding the national security threat posed by climate change, it has to immediately cancel (I don’t know) one or two F-35 contracts and hand over that money to the USPS. According to EIS, having 165,000 electric vehicles deliver the mail quietly could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 537,000 metric tons in direct emissions from exhaust alone. Apart from reducing air and noise pollution, the USPS helpfully points out that this would be the “most beneficial” option in this regard.This will save lives and money, especially in poor communities and community of color. Can the same be said for the F-35 program?

But, ok, I hear it. The cancellation of some Lockheed Martin contracts is clearly un-American. We love the military-industrial complex! Therefore, Congress must have a responsibility to act together.Specifically, the Rebuild Better Act, which includes about $6 billion For USPS and electrification. This is a relatively high amount compared to the amount the agency has outlined in its EIS!

However, the behavior is Killed by Senator Joe Manchin It was broadcast live on Fox News late last year.Senator from West Virginia since then say He can strike a deal with his fellow Democrats on climate “easier than anything else.”What better way to prove he’s not a malicious negotiator owned by a special interest group than by voting for “Better Rebuild” And make sure the USPS has an extra $3.3 billion to get the EV fleet up and running?Manchin has Highly praised The Postal Service has even urged bipartisan comity to address the delays. Maybe he could even spin off some Republicans to modernize mail delivery.

The joy of seeing those lovely trucks quickly delivering mail to his constituents without exhaust should be enough to motivate them to take it.After all, West Virginia has The third highest incidence of asthma But as an act of goodwill, the USPS could even allow Manchin to name one of its new electric vehicles, just as Michigan allows the public to Snowplow.

There are other ways to make USPS a few extra bucks. Consider Senator Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax legislation, which would be taxed at a rate of 3% on holdings over $1 billion. Apply it to Jeff Bezos’ $177 billion fortune, and $5.4 billion in sweet, sweet electric cars.we can use the rest $2.1 billion, I don’t know, planting some community gardens on the post office property.

All this will be about President Joe Biden Electrifying the Federal Fleet And put the government’s focus on the back of the climate crisis. In short, there is no reason not to give USPS money to do this. Give them an extra $3.3 billion.

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