Use Mooning Monkey to enhance your gamified NFT experience!

Gamification in the crypto industry has subverted traditional games and helped attract countless new faces into the world of digital assets.

The popularity of NFT and blockchain-based games provides gamers with unique opportunities, such as game earning models and asset interoperability. Most notably, the addition of in-game NFTs also allows gamers to potentially generate passive income.

Players interested in exciting online multiplayer games have a chance to win millions of dollars, which is a unique opportunity to participate in the Mooning Monkeys ecosystem.

In this improved version of the famous Crash game, Moon monkey Players can jointly own and earn income from the game. Every member of the community may become one of the first people to have a science fiction comic book in NFT format and the unique Mooning Monkeys NFT.

There are many chances to win big prizes through the Mooning Monkey Crash game

Crash games are still popular because they provide excitement and excitement for many gamers, especially because the concept is easy to understand at first but often difficult to grasp. The user places a bet before the game starts and at the end of the countdown, and the graph shows the money multiplier that starts to increase as the game starts.

The exciting thing is that the multiplier may collapse at any time, and those who press “cash out” beforehand win the multiplier bet. The structure of the game means that players can get a huge return on investment with just a few clicks.Gamers can also turn to the platform Profit calculator, Also has a reward distribution model to understand the income they can collect as NFT holders.

Gamers can do more than just make money from crashing games. By participating in the casting of Mooning Monkeys, players can hold the valuable Mooning Monkey NFT, helping them evolve from 12,000 ordinary monkeys to the fourth and final evolution, with 500 eternally valuable Yetis.Each of the three subsequent evolutions exponentially increase the NFT A NFT’s share of revenue Evolution page Explains the upgrade process and requirements, as well as the generous rewards distributed to Mooning Monkey NFT holders, including an important redistribution share of 50% of all game profits.

All Mooning Monkey NFTs have real-world practicality, are completely unique, and are designed around 239 unique features. Every NFT holder knows that he is a shareholder of the game, creating objective value for the NFT on top of the intangible art value of the collection.

Exclusive benefits for gamers and NFT holders

The story of Mooning Monkey’s Space Odyssey will also be published as four 14-page comic books. The top 10 gamers/participants with 14 pages of any chapter will receive a special surprise. The full comic book owner will also unlock a series of unique privileges.

Players can access Comic book page Learn more about each exclusive book and purchase a page or the entire book.

Finally, holders of Mooning Monkey NFT can also earn local $ rewards every dayso (TAKION) tokens without any additional work. Players can benefit from the unique crash game and get more rewards by holding NFT. Token holders can also generate APY and equity.

Gamers and NFT enthusiasts can join the NFT craze through Mooning Monkeys, and earn generous passive income through the platform’s crash games. NFT games celebrate the gaming industry, while encouraging participants to build relationships and connections with like-minded people, while potentially making money throughout the process.

Those interested in learning more about the project can visit Moon monkey website.

NFT casting will begin as early as November 30th, and players are excited to have one of the most fashionable, rare and practical NFTs. The SOL value of each Mooning Monkey starts at 600. The final amount in SOL will be updated 12 hours before the final sales event, corresponding to $600 per Mooning Monkey. On the day of the casting event, each wallet can purchase up to 12 Mooning Monkeys or SOL equivalents. Mooning Monkeys NFT is only available on the official Mooning Monkey website.

Those who become part of the Mooning Monkeys ecosystem will notice the unique and generous token economics and revenue sharing of NFT, witnessing a project that truly returns to the community earlier than others.Visit moon monkey website Learn more about how players can profit from crashing games and receive passive rewards.

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