USB-C iPhones may be part of Apple’s broader move away from Lightning

Apple may be planning a broader move away from its proprietary Lightning port than initially suggested in reports earlier this week.according to Analyst Guo Mingchithe company is developing accessories that charge via USB-C, including AirPods and mouse and keyboard peripherals.

Guo shared the prediction in a tweet on May 11. In an earlier message, he said Apple would redesign the iPhone in the second half of 2023 to use a more common port standard. Bloomberg Guo’s prediction was later confirmed.

It’s unclear when Apple will move its accessories to USB-C. Guo said only that the transition would happen in the “foreseeable future.”According to reports Bloomberg Friday’s announcement said Apple won’t release a USB-C iPhone until next year at the earliest. It makes the most sense for the company to do all the moves at once, but there’s no guarantee it will do that.

As with a potential USB-C iPhone, Apple’s motivation for moving its accessories away from Lightning may have more to do with avoiding regulatory scrutiny than creating a better user experience.To reduce e-waste, the EU has been pushing for a Universal charging port One step closer to us last month Force USB-C Suitable for all small and medium electronic products.

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