US warship sends warning signal in latest standoff with Iranian navy

A Navy warship fired a warning flare on Monday after it pulled into an Iranian speedboat within 50 yards of the Strait of Hormuz, officials at U.S. Navy Central Command said.

The Cyclone-class patrol ships USS Sirocco and USNS Choctaw were performing what Navy officials called “routine transits in international waters” when three fast offshore attack craft operated by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps approached the trio of Marines (IRGCN). ).

One of the IRGCN patrol boats approached Sirocco head-on at “dangerously high speeds”, turning away only when the naval vessel gave a warning signal to avoid a collision. The ship also fired a warning flare during the incident, Navy officials said.

The Iranian vessel left the area about an hour later.

This is the latest such incident in the Gulf for US and Iranian ships. In May 2021, a US Coast Guard speedboat fired 30 warning shots after more than 12 IRGCN fast attack boats approached a US Navy convoy at high speed in the Strait of Hormuz, a narrow waterway separating the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf.

USCGC Maui was escorting the missile submarine USS Georgia with five other Navy and Coast Guard ships when the Iranian vessel approached. Pentagon officials said at the time that the Maui fired a warning shot when the two ships were 300 yards apart and a second round when they were 150 yards away.

Officials said the Iranian vessel lost contact after a second round of warning shots.

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