US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin signs contract with COVID-19 | Coronavirus pandemic news

Austin, his symptoms are said to be mild. They will be quarantined at home for five days.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has been confirmed to have COVID-19 because the highly contagious variant of Omicron has caused a surge in cases across the United States.

The head of the Pentagon said in a statement that Austin’s symptoms are “mild” and he will be isolated at home for the next five days.

Austin said that he has been fully vaccinated and stepped up vaccinations, which “makes the infection much lighter than other conditions.”

“Vaccines are effective and will continue to be a military medical need of our workforce,” Austin said. “I continue to encourage everyone who is eligible for a booster shot to get a shot.”

Austin said that his last contact with President Joe Biden was on December 21, a week before he began to develop symptoms and tested negative that morning.

He said in the statement that he will retain all powers and participate in key meetings and discussions “as much as possible.”

Because of concerns about Omicron, the Pentagon tightened restrictions on its headquarters last week, and the US military has enforced COVID-19 vaccination.

Austin is the latest high-profile US official to test positive for the virus.

Several prominent members of Congress recently revealed that they were diagnosed with the virus, and in October, the Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Majorcas and Biden’s press secretary Jane Psaki were arrested. Confirmed to have COVID-19.

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