US gun killings are a public health problem | Gun Violence

Trauma surgeon Joseph V Sakran said silence on gun violence in the wake of the Uvalde school massacre was complicit.

What happened in Uwald, Texas was the massacre of children. When I heard the news, my first thoughts were of families who had lost children. Then I thought about what we, as trauma surgeons and healthcare professionals, have to do every day in cities across America: try to explain to parents why their kids never come home.

At 17, I too was shot in the throat and nearly died. So when I heard about Uwald, I thought about my own family and what they must have been through when the surgeons went out and told them their son was shot.

Trauma surgeons in this country deliver such devastating news to families every day. This is not acceptable.

It’s not the Democrats’ problem. This is not a Republican problem.

This is an American problem — a uniquely American public health problem.

Trauma surgeon and gun violence prevention advocate Dr. Joseph V Sakran explains why he believes those who remained silent on the issue of gun law reform after the Uvalde school massacre were complicit.

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