UN Special Rapporteur says Israeli attack on Gaza is ‘illegal’ | Israeli-Palestinian conflict news

Francesca Albanez called on the United Nations to investigate whether Israel violated international law and ensure accountability.

The UN Special Rapporteur on the Occupied Palestinian Territory said Israel’s airstrikes on the besieged Gaza Strip were “not only illegal but irresponsible”, calling for a diplomatic solution to the latest round of violence in Israel that began on Friday . Air strikes on Gaza City.

“The situation in Gaza is on the brink of a humanitarian crisis,” Francesca Albanes told Al Jazeera.

“No matter where they are, the only way to ensure the health of the Palestinians is to lift the siege and allow aid to come in.”

Israel described the attack as a ‘pre-emptive’ act of self-defense Palestinian Islamic Jihad The group also said its operations could continue for a week.

Albanese slammed the U.S. for saying it believed Israel had the right to defend itself. “Israel cannot claim that it has defended itself in this conflict,” Albanez said.

“The United States firmly believes that Israel has the right to protect itself. We are engaging with all parties and urge all parties to remain calm,” U.S. Ambassador to Israel Tom Neders tweeted on Friday.

His remarks were echoed by British Foreign Secretary Liz Strass, who said the UK “supports Israel and its right to self-defence” and condemned “the shooting and violence by terrorist groups on civilians resulting in casualties on both sides”.

At least 31 Palestinians have been killed and 260 injured in the Gaza Strip since Friday. As of Sunday, no serious casualties were reported on the Israeli side, as the Iron Dome defense system shot down 97 percent of missiles fired from the besieged zone, according to the Israeli military.

“Protection is what I demand in Palestine, not just me. There is a need to … protect civilian lives,” Albanese said. “[Israel] Unable to protect itself from civilians since 1967. “

The Special Rapporteur, an independent expert who monitors human rights violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and refers them to the United Nations, called on international bodies to determine whether Gaza violated international law and ensure accountability.

“I believe the lack of accountability strengthens Israel,” Albanes said. “I think ending the occupation is the solution.”

Independent Commission of Inquiry established by the UN Human Rights Council The brutal war in Gaza in May 2021 Said Israel must do more than “end the occupation of the land where the Palestinian leadership wants to build a future state”.

“It is not enough to end the occupation,” a report released in June found. It added that action must be taken to ensure the equal enjoyment of human rights by Palestinians.

However, it cited evidence that Israel had “no intention of ending the occupation” and was instead pursuing “complete control” of the territories it occupied in 1967.

The committee found that the Israeli government had been “changing demographics by maintaining a repressive environment for Palestinians and an environment conducive to Israeli settlers”.

The United States withdrew from the Security Council in 2018, citing a “long-standing bias” against Israel, only to fully rejoin it this year.

In May 2021, an 11-day military offensive against the Gaza Strip killed more than 260 Palestinians and wounded more than 2,000. Thirteen people were killed in Israel.

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