UN nuclear issue leader: inspection restrictions limit Iranian monitoring

Vienna (Associated Press)-Head of the UN Nuclear Supervisory Agency, Rafael Mariano Grossi, Warned on Wednesday his Inspectors can hardly “guarantee” that they know IranStockpiles of enriched uranium, this is a serious alarm his Go to Tehran Did not produce any results.

BigThe words are in sharp contrast with the optimistic tone his The Iranian host proposed it the day before.With the renegotiation, they marked a hard line of the Islamic Republic TehranThe broken nuclear agreement will resume next week.

this International Atomic Energy AgencyOf inspectors are still unable to access surveillance video and face greater challenges in trying to monitor TehranFast-growing uranium stocks, some of which are now enriched to 60% purity-only a stone’s throw away from a weapon-grade level of 90%.

“Our negotiations were inconclusive, which means we couldn’t finish it,” Big Telling reporter Vienna,in International Atomic Energy Agency Is based on, solved mechanismOf the board of directors. “I did not give up seeking some understanding, but in terms of what we discussed yesterday, we could not reach an agreement.”

When asked if any progress has been made, Big Say, “In substance, no, it’s clear that we can’t make progress.” However, he Said that getting acquainted with new Iranian officials was “a positive factor” and “it will definitely help.”

but he The warning said: “We are close to the point where we cannot guarantee the continuity of knowledge.” he There is no detailed description.

Tuesday, Big To the Atomic Energy Organization Iran, The country’s civilian nuclear agency, and met with its new head, Mohammad Eslami.He also met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Hussein Amirab Durashian, who said Iran Determined to engage in “constructive contact” with the organization International Atomic Energy Agency According to the state-run IRNA news agency, this is to “enhance mutual trust and cooperation.”

According to a non-disclosure agreement called an “additional protocol”, Iran, this International Atomic Energy Agency Collect and analyze images from a series of surveillance cameras installed at Iran’s nuclear facilities.Those cameras help it monitor TehranPlan to see if it complies with the nuclear agreement.

IranThe hard-line parliament approved a bill in December 2020 that would suspend part of the UN inspection of its nuclear facilities if European signatories fail to lift oil and banking sanctions by February. Since February, International Atomic Energy Agency It has been unable to access the images from the surveillance cameras.

According to the agreement, International Atomic Energy Agency Approximately 2,000 tamper-proof seals have also been placed on nuclear materials and equipment. These seals are communicated to inspectors electronically. The automatic measurement equipment also provides real-time data from the program.The inspector cannot access the data, so the monitoring task IranThe enriched uranium reserves are much more difficult.

The agency is also seeking to monitor the activities of the centrifuge parts production base near the northern city of Karaj.this International Atomic Energy Agency Haven’t been able to visit there since June Iran Said that a sabotage attack in Israel severely damaged the facility, International Atomic Energy Agency The camera is there.

Big Wednesday insisted that despite the lack of progress this week, a solution must be found. “We must reach an agreement,” he Said. “We must do this.”

Senior diplomats from the UK, China, France, Germany and Russia plan to meet with Iranian officials Vienna Discussion on November 29th Tehran Re-compliance with the agreement called the “Joint Comprehensive Action Plan” reached in 2015, which relaxes the Iran In exchange for restrictions on its nuclear program. The talks may pave the way for the United States to rejoin the agreement.

The U.S. withdrew under the leadership of former President Donald Trump and re-imposed sanctions on the U.S. Iran, hint Tehran Give up all restrictions imposed on it by the transaction.This has exacerbated tensions throughout the Middle East because Israel warned that it would not allow Iran Able to obtain nuclear weapons.

Iran Has long insisted that its plan is peaceful, although International Atomic Energy Agency And the U.S. Intelligence Agency Tehran It was not until 2003 that there was an organized weapons program.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, the deputy foreign minister and nuclear negotiator Iran, Ali Bagheri Kani went to the United Arab Emirates and met with the famous UAE diplomat Anwar Gargash. The UAE’s state-run WAM news agency described the meeting as dealing with “regional and international developments of mutual interest”.

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