Ukraine’s SBU says Ukrainian military conducts ‘manhunt’ for Kadyrov’s troops in Kharkiv region

Ukrainian defenders quickly found Kadyrovites positions, SBU says

When asked if Kadyrovtsi and Wagner Private Military Company mercenaries were fighting in Kharkiv Oblast, Dudin confirmed that the SBU had received intelligence of this nature.

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“As for Kadyrovtsi, there is such information,” he said.

“But our people have gotten to this level of ‘cynicism’ in a good way, and once they learned of their presence in the area, they started a sort of ‘hunt’ against them: trying to get to Kadyrovtsi Launch something, a private military company, etc., position, and they immediately cease to exist.”

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The Kadyrovtsi are widely hated in Ukraine for their brutal role in enforcing Kadyrov’s power in Chechnya and their use of terror Tactics against Ukrainian civilians.

Wagner, the so-called “PMC” founded by Putin’s confidante Yevgeny Prigozin, was equally dismissive. Wagner mercenaries were credibly charged with crimes against humanity in Africa and Syria before being deployed to Ukraine.

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