UCLA’s Gonzaga suppressed the highest point of the polls before the showdown

On Monday, Gonzaga University and UCLA continued to maintain the top two positions in the Associated Press University Basketball Top 25 poll, laying the groundwork for this week’s highly anticipated duel, while Purdue University and Duke University took the lead. Into the top five.

The Bulldogs (4-0) had an easy week, beating Alcorn State and Bellarmine, and won first place with 55 votes from a middle group of 61 people who regularly report on college basketball. Last week, the Bruins (4-0) won five first place votes after defeating Long Beach State University and North Florida State and heading to Las Vegas with a strong momentum.

On Monday night, Gonzaga played against Central Michigan in the Good Sam Empire Classic and UCLA played Bellarmine. Then, the top two teams in the country will face off in the semifinals on Tuesday night, with the Bulldogs winning in overtime.

“If you want to participate in the NCAA tournament, it is important to everyone,” Gonzaga coach Mark Foe said. “If you want to get a high seed, you have to play against a very, very good team. I think this is very important for college basketball.”

After the Boilermakers defeated Purdue University, which was ranked number one at the time, Purdue University won the only other first place vote and moved Kansas to third place in the top 25. 5 Villanova is in the Hall of Fame Tips Tournament. The Jayhawks ranked fourth and the Blue Devils ranked fifth.

Defending national champion Baylor jumped to sixth place after defeating Central Arkansas and Stanford University, while the Wildcats fell to seventh place after beating the No. 1 team at the time. 12 before Tennessee lost to Purdue University. Texas and Memphis are close behind, and Kentucky and Alabama are tied for 10th in the second regular-season poll of the season.

Wildcats and Crimson Tide are followed closely by Houston, Arkansas, Illinois and Tennessee, ranking 15th.

St. Bonaventure jumped 6th to 16th after defeating Clemson and Marquette, consolidating its status as a big favorite in the early and mid-term of the season. After beating Wichita State University and surpassing the 17th place at the time, Arizona made the biggest leap in the polls. Michigan, ranked 4th in the Rome Main Event, was followed by another rookie from Brigham Young University.

“We have very good players,” Arizona coach Tommy Lloyd said. “I know we are out of the limelight; maybe one thing is my fault, because I haven’t been looking for it all the time. But do you know? We are here now. And we belong.”

Auburn and Michigan ranked in the top 20, and Seton Hall, UConn, Florida, USC and Xavier completed the voting.

“This is where we are as a project,” said Seton Hall coach Kevin Willard. His Buccaneers defeated the Wolverines last week. This is how they beat the top five non-conference teams on the road. The first victory. “We can play with anyone in this country, and we have done it in the past seven years.”

telephone conference

SEC-6 (Nos. 10, 10 tie, 13, 15, 19, 23)

Dadong-4 (No. 7, 21, 22, 25)

Big 10-3 (No. 3, 14, 20)

Big 12-3 (4th, 6th, 8th)

Pac-12-3 (No. 2, 17, 24)

American-2 (9th, 12th)

West Coast-2 (Nos. 1, 18)

ACC-1 (No. 5)

Atlantic 10-1 (No. 16)

Up and down

Purdue University and Baylor University rose three places in the top 10, and Alabama rose four places, tied with the US Securities and Exchange Commission rival Kentucky. The University of Michigan had the biggest drop, ranking fourth before coach Juwan Howard’s team fell all the way to 20th in two defeats.

“We will get better, I believe we will get better,” Howard said, his team had another severe test with North Carolina on December 1. “This is part of the game: adversity. Adversity strikes, it defines a person, or his next reaction.”

In and out

The University of Arizona was ranked 31st last week and 17th this week, while Brigham Young University ranked 29th a week ago and entered 18th. Seton Hall was ranked 38th and 21st a week ago, and Xavier had four newcomers in this week’s poll.

Oregon was eliminated from 12th to the first team. Ohio State University, North Carolina and Maryland also fell apart.

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