UAE sends aircraft to Afghanistan to deliver aid: official media | United Arab Emirates News

Media reports stated that the aid was carried out within the framework of the UAE’s humanitarian role in Afghanistan.

According to the official WAM news agency, nearly three weeks after the Taliban took over the country, the United Arab Emirates dispatched an aircraft carrying “emergency medical and food assistance” to Afghanistan.

WAM stated on Friday that “the aid is provided within the framework of the humanitarian role being played by the UAE in order to provide full support to the brotherly Afghan people in this current situation”.

The UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed to AFP, “This is the first [Emirati] Aid flights since the recent events in Afghanistan”.

This Gulf country is one of only three countries in the world that recognized the Taliban during the Taliban rule from 1996 to 2001.

On Tuesday, hours after the last U.S. military evacuated from Kabul and ended a frenzied air operation in which more than 123,000 foreigners and Afghans fled, Taliban fighters celebrated with gunfire.

In 2001, after the asylum-seeking Al-Qaeda launched the 9/11 attacks, the United States invaded Afghanistan and overthrew the Taliban government.

The United States withdrew its soldiers after signing an agreement with the Taliban, and the Taliban promised not to allow Afghan territories to launch attacks on the West. Qatar, a Gulf country, is the seat of the Taliban’s political office and the venue for talks between the United States and the Taliban.

Qatar said on Thursday that it is working with the Taliban to reopen the Kabul airport that was damaged during the chaotic evacuation exercise conducted by Western countries.

The UAE is one of many Gulf countries that provide evacuation flights for foreigners and Afghans, in addition to Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain.

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