U.S. voters have expressed bipartisan concerns about the influence of the Chinese government: polls

American worries ChinaA new opinion poll shows that the Republican Party’s influence on the U.S. government, media, and culture is widespread in the Democratic and Republican communities, even though the Republican Party is more cautious than the Democrats and independents in their influence on Beijing.

A poll of more than 1,000 voters who may participate in the 2022 election from July 12 to 13 found that about 92% of Republicans expressed concerns about the Chinese government’s influence in the United States, compared with 71% of Democrats People and 79% of independents.

The survey was conducted by the Trafalgar Group, a nationally recognized polling and marketing company, in cooperation with the conservative non-profit organization “National Action Convention”, which distributed the survey results to the news media this week.

In releasing these data, Mark Meckler, chairman of the National Action Committee, accused the Chinese government of adopting a “decade-long secret strategy to weaken the United States.”

He also accused the mainstream American media of ignoring Beijing’s activities, claiming that “the only person who might be surprised [the poll results] It is members of the propaganda media and their allies in Washington, DC. They work tirelessly to convince us that Russia is the real threat. “

“Our struggle is not against each other, our struggle is against the evil communists China They stifled the light of freedom in their own land and are now spreading their grand totalitarian reset globally,” Mr. Meckler said in a statement.

Chinese officials severely criticized this description and claimed that Beijing’s foreign policy included billions of dollars China In recent years, China has invested heavily in the “Belt and Road” international infrastructure initiative, which is benevolent and aims to help poorer countries develop their economies.

The Biden administration has been cautious about Beijing. In trying to draw attention to the threat posed by the increasingly powerful, increasingly military-aggressive, and communist-ruled Chinese government, the Trump administration has basically taken action.

A core aspect of the two-term administration’s approach is to promote greater cohesion between Asia’s most powerful democracies-the so-called four countries of India, Japan, Australia and the United States-as a buffer ChinaGeopolitical influence continues to increase.

This effort received broad political support in Washington, where the Pentagon spent more than a decade warning the United States and the United States to expand competition between powers. China, And Russia.

However, the influence of the Chinese government on the US media and government is more elusive and complex. Congress has worked hard in recent years to pass coherent legislation to counter China-backed cyber and hacking operations that violate US interests and monitor the flow of funds related to the Chinese government. Flow into American civil society institutions, including universities.

The results of recent public opinion surveys indicate that Americans are paying more and more attention to this dynamic.

Approximately 51% of American voters surveyed-regardless of party affiliation-said they were “very concerned” ChinaThe impact on our government, media and culture.

About 18.7% said they were “somewhat worried” while 11.5% said they were just “worried” and 18.9% said they were “not worried”.

Among the Democratic voters surveyed, 39.4% said they were “very worried”, while 71.6% of the Republican voters surveyed said they were “very worried”.

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