U.S. states with the highest (and worst) vaccination rates

At lunchtime, people dine outside a restaurant on Northwest 14th Street in Washington, DC

At lunchtime, people dine outside a restaurant on Northwest 14th Street in Washington, DC
Photo: Drew Angel (Getty Images)

The covid-19 vaccination rate in the United States is currently 49.71%, ranking 22nd globally, only falling from 18th last week. But which state does the best?

We used the following data to compile a list of vaccination rates for each U.S. state and Washington, D.C. Johns Hopkins University, To compare the vaccination efforts of each state with other countries.

The highest state is not even a state, and Washington, DC is at the top of the list. More than 69% of residents of the District of Columbia have been fully vaccinated. Vermont (68%), Rhode Island (67%), Massachusetts (63%) and Maine (63%) ranked in the top five.

But some states really have difficulty getting people vaccinated. Alabama is the worst, with only 34.27% of the population fully vaccinated. Mississippi (34.34%) and Wyoming (36%) are the three states with the worst covid-19 vaccination.

Below we list all 50 states (plus DC) and how they compare to countries in the world.

  1. District of Columbia -69.37%, similar to the United Arab Emirates
  2. Vermont -68.11%, similar to San Marino
  3. Rhode Island -67.26%, similar to San Marino
  4. Massachusetts -63.99%, similar to Chile
  5. Maine -63.58%, similar to Bahrain
  6. Connecticut -62.75%, similar to Uruguay
  7. Hawaii -59.78%, similar to Mongolia
  8. New Jersey -59.02%, similar to Qatar
  9. Washington -58.88%, similar to Israel
  10. Maryland -58.76%, similar to Israel
  11. New Hampshire -58.51%, similar to Israel
  12. Oregon -56.89%, similar to Bhutan
  13. New Mexico -56.83%, similar to Bhutan
  14. New York -56.27%, similar to Canada
  15. Colorado -55.47%, similar to the UK
  16. Virginia -54.68%, similar to Spain
  17. Minnesota -54.24%, similar to Hungary
  18. California -53.27%, similar to Singapore
  19. Delaware -53.21%, similar to Singapore
  20. Pennsylvania -51.92%, similar to Ireland
  21. the state of Wisconsin -51.81%, similar to Ireland
  22. Illinois -50.30%, similar to Portugal
  23. Florida -49.79%, similar to Germany
  24. Nebraska -49.70%, similar to Germany
  25. Iowa -49.56%, similar to Liechtenstein
  26. Michigan -48.73%, similar to Maldives
  27. North Carolina -47.47%, similar to the Netherlands
  28. Utah -47.39%, similar to Luxembourg
  29. South Dakota -47.39%, similar to Luxembourg
  30. Arizona -47.15%, similar to Switzerland
  31. Ohio -46.35%, similar to Greece
  32. Nevada -45.58%, similar to France
  33. Kentucky -45.43%, similar to France
  34. Alaska -45.14%, similar to Poland
  35. Kansas -44.96%, similar to Poland
  36. Montana -44.89%, similar to Poland
  37. Texas -44.56%, similar to Poland
  38. Indiana -44.41%, similar to Andorra
  39. West Virginia -42.25%, similar to the Czech Republic
  40. South Carolina -41.36%, similar to Mauritius
  41. Missouri -41.11%, similar to Mauritius
  42. North Dakota -40.19%, similar to Mauritius
  43. Oklahoma -40.11%, similar to Mauritius
  44. Georgia -39.92%, similar to Serbia
  45. Idaho -39.86%, similar to Serbia
  46. Tennessee -39.59%, similar to Serbia
  47. Louisiana -36.48%, similar to Estonia
  48. Arkansas -36.22%, similar to Estonia
  49. Wyoming -36.21%, similar to Estonia
  50. Mississippi -34.34%, similar to Latvia
  51. Alabama -34.27%, similar to Croatia

Keep in mind that this list only counts the percentage of eligible people who have been fully vaccinated. For example, California has received the most vaccines in the country so far, with more than 20.9 million residents fully vaccinated. But the state is ranked 18th on our list because only 53.27% of the state’s population has been fully vaccinated.

Why do some states do better than others? Sadly, many of them are related to politics.Americans who support former President Donald Trump are unlikely to support Covid-19 vaccination, you see this happening in a state like Arkansas, where Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson is there Booed yesterday Debunking conspiracy theories about coronavirus vaccines, such as the false idea that they will cause female infertility.

This is something that not only the United States, but the whole world is opposing, because far-right politicians around the world have raised concerns about vaccines and told people that covid-19 is really no big deal.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the current global death toll exceeds 4.16 million. But death is not the only consequence of this evil disease. More than 194 million people have been infected with covid-19, and many of them have suffered severe health effects within months of allegedly recovering from the disease.

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