U.S. says Iran is responsible for drone attacks on tankers

This Biden The government is joining its allies, blaming the blame on Iran Two people were killed in an apparent drone attack last week Crew An oil tanker operated by an Israeli shipping giant is in the tense Arabian Sea off the coast of Oman.

Secretary of State Anthony flash In a statement on Sunday afternoon, he condemned the attack and stated that the evidence the United States has so far strongly pointed to Tehran as the culprit.

“We, together with our partners and allies, strongly condemn the attack on Mercer Street, a merchant ship that passed through the northern Arabian Sea peacefully in international waters,” he said. flash Said in a statement. “After reviewing existing information, we believe Iran The attack was carried out and two innocent people were killed using one-way explosives. [drones], This is a lethal ability that it uses more and more throughout the region. “

gentlemen. flash Said that the United States is negotiating with allies on how to respond.The attack is there Biden The government is working to restore the 2015 nuclear agreement Iran President Trump denied this in 2018.

Israel and the United Kingdom have given pointers Iran The Mercer Street strike, run by a London-based company controlled by an Israeli billionaire Air I provide.

The company said two crew members were killed in the attack last week, one from the UK and one from Romania.

Iran A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly denied any role in the incident in Tehran on Sunday, blaming the “naive accusations” on the “Zionist lobby” and its supporters in Washington.

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