U.S. men and women both win in beach volleyball preliminaries

Tokyo (Associated Press)-Americans Apris Ross and Alex Kleiman pledge to play at least one more beach volleyball game in Tokyo Olympic Games.

American men Phil Dalhausser (Phil Dalhausser) and Nick Lucena (Nick Lucena) also helped them get a chance to enter the knockout round.

On Tuesday morning, the American women beat Spain 21-13 and 21-16, winning for the second time in a row. With one game left in the preliminaries, their performance will not be worse than the three tied together, which will be broken in the “lucky transporter” duel after the round robin.

Rose, a three-time Olympic athlete who has won silver and bronze medals, and Kleiman, who has competed for the first time, will play against the Dutch team Sanne Kaiser and Madeleine Mepelink on Friday.

Dalhauser and Lucena defeated Brazil’s defending gold medalists Alison and Alvaro Filho 24-22, 19-21, 15-13 in the round robin, raising the score to 1-1. The Americans will meet with Argentina on Thursday.

Elsewhere in the men’s division, Alison’s partner Bruno Oscar Schmidt, who won a gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics, and his new partner Evandro defeated Morocco. The Polish team of Michal Bryl and Grzegorz Fijalek defeated Chile, the German team defeated the Polish team of Piotr Kantor and Bartosz Losiak, and the Dutch team defeated Argentina.

In other women’s games, Canadian team Heather Bansley and Brandi Wilkerson beat Argentina, Chinese team Wang Xinxin and Xue Chen beat the Netherlands, and another Chinese team Wang Fan and Xia Xinyi beat Brazil’s Agatha. And Duda.


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