U.S. blacklists Chinese quantum computing companies

The United States has included more than a dozen Chinese groups involved in quantum computing and other advanced technologies on the export blacklist, claiming that they constitute a risk for the Chinese People’s Liberation Army to acquire key U.S. technologies.

This move makes it almost impossible for US companies to sell technology to listed companies, targeting a total of 27 entities, 12 of which are in China, and two affiliated companies are located in Japan and Singapore. In addition to quantum computing, this list also includes companies in the semiconductor and aerospace industries.

The U.S. Department of Commerce stated that eight of the Chinese organizations are specifically targeted to prevent them from contacting sensitive quantum-related technologies, and believes that they can help the PLA improve anti-stealth and anti-submarine applications, and promote efforts to crack U.S. encryption.

These actions mark the latest efforts of the Biden administration to make it more difficult for China to obtain cutting-edge technologies for military applications. last month, U.S. intelligence officials warn U.S. companies Regarding China’s efforts to acquire technology in fields such as quantum computing and artificial intelligence.

Martijn Rasser, a former CIA official and head of the CIA’s technology and national security projects, said: “This is a wise move and a response to China’s efforts to achieve technological breakthroughs that harm US national security. Important reminder of scope and scale.” New American Security Think Tank.

In addition to the targeted Chinese groups, Washington also included 13 Pakistani companies on the “entity list” for activities related to the nuclear and ballistic missile programs. It adds the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology to the list of “military end users”, which makes it more difficult to sell technology with military applications.

US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo (Gina Raimondo) said: “Today’s action will help prevent the transfer of American technology to the military advancement of the People’s Republic of China and Russia.”

Earlier this year, the United States included Feiteng Technology on the “Entity List” to prevent US technology from being used to design semiconductors for Chinese supercomputers used to develop hypersonic weapons. The British “Financial Times” recently reported that China conducted a hypersonic weapon test in July, which shocked the Pentagon and raised new questions about the use of American technology to help the Chinese military.

Chinese companies in List Including the three subsidiaries of Corad Technology, the United States claims that the company has sold American technology to Iran, North Korea, and groups related to the People’s Liberation Army. Quantum companies include Shanghai QuantumCTek and Hefei National Laboratory of Microscale Physical Sciences.

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