U.S. Attorney General tells Texas to overturn immigration order coronavirus pandemic news

Merrick Garland stated that if Texas continues to impose ground restrictions on immigrants, it will lead to legal action.

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland warned the governor of Texas on Thursday Greg Abbott “Immediately revoke” a new executive order designed to curb the entry of undocumented immigrants who may pose a risk of spreading COVID-19 into the state.

“This order violates federal law in many ways, and Texas cannot legally execute an executive order against any federal official or private group that cooperates with the United States,” Garland told Abbott in a letter.

He added that if Texas continues to impose ground restrictions on immigration, the Department of Justice will “seek all appropriate legal remedies.”

The executive order stated that the new policy is necessary because President Joe Biden “refuses to implement the law passed by the US Congress,” which is designed to protect Texans from the effects of COVID-19 [File: Lucas Jackson/Reuters]

Garland’s letter was issued the day after Abbott signed the order, which stipulates that “no one except federal, state or local law enforcement officials shall provide land transportation services to a group of immigrants detained by the Federal Immigration Service.” Officials in transit.

It also instructed the state’s Department of Public Safety to “stop any vehicles if there is a reasonable suspicion of violations” and authorize the department to “reroute such vehicles back to their place of origin or port of entry.”

The executive order stated that because President Joe Biden “refuses to implement the law passed by the US Congress,” the new policy is necessary, and the measure is designed to protect Texans from the effects of COVID-19.

Garland said the order “will endanger the health and safety of non-citizens detained by the federal government” and will also interfere with the implementation of federal immigration laws.

In July, Texas began arresting immigrants on charges of illegally trespassing the US-Mexico border as part of what Abbott said was needed to slow the number of people crossing the border.

The arrest kicked off the plan that Abbott first announced in June, when he also said that the state of Texas Will continue to build Former President Donald Trump’s border wall and called on other governors to deploy law enforcement officers and members of the National Guard to the southern border.

The immigrants were deported from the United States and sent back to Mexico. They walked across the North Paso International Border Bridge in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. [Jose Luis Gonzalez/Reuters]

The detainee was held in an empty place State prison In Dilly, Texas. Officials said that the converted facility will be able to accommodate more than 950 people.

Val Verde County Attorney David Martinez said that most of the arrested were single adult men. He said he was told a week ago that the number of immigrants arrested could increase to 100 or 200 per day. He said that such a large number of people “will not only overwhelm my office, but will soon overwhelm our entire system.”

Most of the land along the southern Texas border is private, but Martinez said his understanding is that state police will not arrest family units. In early July, US officials reported that they met 55,805 family members with children in June, a 25% increase from the previous month. The figure is still well below the May 2019 high of 88,587.

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