Tyler Haynik’s draft pick killed Washington’s playoff opportunities in a loss to the Eagles

LANDOVER-when Rodney McLeod catches the ball in the end zone-begins Washington Quarterback Tyler Haynik-the Eagles safety guard jumped from the ground, then ran over and jumped into the stands, full of loyalty Philadelphia The fans wear green and white.

McLeod not only frustrated WashingtonThe drive that might win the game, he officially ended Burgundy And golden playoff hopes.

And at the prompt, the singing of “Eagle! EAGLES” broke out in FedEx Field. At this point, this carol feels like an annual tradition.

Hynek made a costly interception with 30 seconds left in the game Washington Lost to the Eagles 20-16 Burgundy He Jin’s home game finale.This Burgundy Gold needs to win to maintain its weak playoff hopes. instead, Washington This season fell to 6-10.

The Eagles’ record improved to 9-7, which improved their own playoff hopes.

Volume marks the end of a disappointing afternoon Washington The team’s performance is much better than in recent weeks.

After Dallas was defeated, coach Ron Rivera wanted to see how his team would respond. He barely mentioned the playoffs-only admitted that his team’s hopes are still slim. Instead, he publicly wanted to know whether his players would learn from a major loss. If they don’t, “it will be a waste of time,” he said.

Although Rivera’s comments can be interpreted as a challenge to a defense that gave up 56 points, it is also likely to be a challenge to Hynek-he only completed 38% of his passes against Dallas and was very struggle. When Rivera said substitute Kyle Allen “may” participate in part of the team’s last two games, he also caused a small controversy. Rivera said to let Allen play, it depends on the scene.

In the game against the Hawks, Hynek appeared determined not to lose his job when he played. The quarterback is very precise-hitting his first 11 goals before throwing an unfinished one. Completion comes from a variety of throws, from tilt and deep throws to game action launches.

Generally speaking, WashingtonThe offense is more efficient than a few weeks ago. The team resumed the game early, relying on running back Jaret Patterson-the undrafted rookie and Antonio Gibson (Antonio Gibson) who was placed on the COVID-19 reserve list a few days ago.

Patterson broke 11 yards from the perimeter and scored the first touchdown of the game, allowing Washington 7-0 lead.

WashingtonFor most of Sunday’s game, his defense was also much better. In the first encounter between these teams two weeks ago, the Hawks ran for 238 yards. this time, WashingtonThe defense is ready to escape.The Eagles can only pass 3.5 yards each in 34 attempts-a huge improvement Washington.

But the Eagles found other ways to move the chain.Quarterback Jalen injured WashingtonExhausted Level 2-a unit without cornerbacks William Jackson III (Mavericks) and Darryl Roberts (COVID-19)-and was particularly effective on the third fall.

The Eagles coach Nick Siriani also adopted a positive attitude when he fell to the ground for the fourth time, and it paid off. PhiladelphiaTwo touchdowns-both from running back Boston Scott-ranked fourth outside the end zone and were short.

still, Washington Leading most of the games.Joey Slay helped build WashingtonEarly lead, playing 31, 39 and 55 yards-the latter is the team’s longest time since Dustin Hopkins 56 yards in 2018. Washington At the end of the half, it led 16-7.

But in the end, Washington Solve the field goal and come back to bite them. Philadelphia The second half ended with a one-yard Scott touchdown, and then kicker Jack Elliott drove 42 yards with 11 minutes and 45 seconds left in the game.

Elliott later made a 41-yard shot with 2:25 left in the game. The result of this shot is very important. Washington Cannot get three points on the final hit.

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