Twitter provides tools for network users to delete unwanted followers

All Twitter users can now delete followers without blocking them.Company started , Starting today, everyone can access it. To quietly prevent someone from seeing your tweets in their feed, go to the “Followers” tab on your profile, click on the three-dot menu next to the relevant user, and select “Delete this follower” Options.

This is part of Twitter’s efforts to reduce harassment on the platform. Blocking someone you don’t want to follow may result in that person retaliating through their allies or auxiliary accounts after they find out.Cut them this way and Would mean that they did not exit the loop more wisely.

This method does not prevent the people you lead from the follower list from viewing your public tweets. This can only be done by blocking them or making your account private.Elsewhere, Twitter is testing one , It will automatically block accounts that use “potentially harmful languages”.It’s still looking for more ways , So the company seems to be making its anti-harassment work a greater priority.

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