Twitter launches bug bounty contest to detect algorithm deviations

Has made a plan Differentiated competition.This time instead of paying to discover , Twitter will reward those who find undiscovered examples of bias in its image cropping algorithm.

As early as April, Twitter said it would study Created by its algorithm, starting with its image cropping algorithm.It started Try to focus on the most interesting part of the image in the preview.Some netizens criticized , Claiming that the algorithm tends to focus on people with lighter skin in photos.

“May, we We identify the method of bias in the saliency algorithm (also known as the image cropping algorithm), and we allow others to use our code to reproduce our work,” Twitter “We hope to help identify the potential hazards of the algorithm by inviting and motivating the community to take this work further.”

Twitter stated that this is “the industry’s first algorithmic bias bounty contest” and offers up to $3,500 in cash rewards. Rumman Chowdhury, head of Twitter’s machine learning ethics, transparency and accountability team, The company is holding a competition, “because we believe that people should be rewarded for discovering these problems, and we cannot solve these challenges alone.” The winners will be announced at the DEF CON AI Village seminar hosted by Twitter on August 8.

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