Twitter CEO says he expects Musk’s deal to close but is “prepared for all scenarios”

Hours after Elon Musk says his Twitter takeover is temporary Twitter’s CEO has said he still expects the deal to close, but “we need to prepare for all scenarios.” In a series of tweets, Parag Agrawal did not directly respond to Musk’s earlier comments, But he spoke out about yesterday’s leadership shake-up, which led to Two senior Twitter executives.

The move has raised eyebrows not only because the two are long-time popular leaders of the company, but also because many do not want Agrawal to stay on as CEO after the acquisition. (Musk has said he has no confidence in Twitter’s current leadership, and reports have stated that Take over the CEO role, at least temporarily. )

“Change that affects people is always hard,” Agrawal said. “Some people have been asking why the ‘lame duck’ CEO made these changes if we were acquired anyway. The short answer is simple: while I expect the deal to close, we need to do it well for all scenarios Be prepared and always do the right thing for Twitter.”

Notably, Agrawal’s comments appear to acknowledge that Musk’s takeover may not actually go through. The Tesla CEO has said getting rid of Twitter’s bots is one of his top goals, Earlier in the day, the deal was “on hold pending details in favor of calculating that spam/fake accounts do represent less than 5% of users.” He later added that he “remains committed to the acquisition.”

At the same time, Twitter is grappling with widespread uncertainty among its employees, many of whom expressed concern about Musk’s for the company. In addition to cutting its top-earning and product executives on Thursday, the company also suspended all new hiring and eliminated some jobs in an effort to cut costs.

Agrawal said on Friday that he would continue to make “difficult decisions as needed”. “I will not use this deal as an excuse to avoid making important decisions about the health of the company, nor will any leader at Twitter,” he tweeted.

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