Twitter brings closed captioning toggle to Android and iOS

Twitter Yes give you power Turn closed captions on or off on mobile devices. A few months after it began testing the feature, the social network has begun rolling out closed captioning toggles to everyone on Android and iOS. As long as a video posted on the platform has subtitles available, you’ll see a CC button in the upper right corner of it – just tap it to turn subtitles off or on.

It’s a great addition for accessibility, as it allows you to display subtitles at any time. In the past, if you turned off the sound, you would only see the CC button on the web and subtitles on mobile. Also, when you expand the video, the subtitles disappear automatically, as doing so enables sound playback.A few years ago, you even had to Go to accessibility settings If you want to see subtitles for the video, turn on closed captioning. That said, the feature does have one limitation: the button will only appear in the video if a title is provided for it.

Introduction to Twitter Automatically generated subtitles According to a edge. However, they will only appear on muted videos unless you select the option to view them at any time through the website’s accessibility settings page. There is also currently no way to report inaccurate automatic captions.

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