Twitter bans Republican lawmakers due to Covid misinformation

The provocative post on social media by Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene made her one of the most controversial members of the U.S. Congress. She was permanently arrested after posting misinformation about the pandemic. The use of Twitter is prohibited.

The sanctions on the outspoken congresswoman from Georgia will bring Twitter’s efforts to regulate its apps back into the focus of attention, almost a year after banning the then president Donald Trump It sparked a storm of protests from the right.

Twitter announced the ban on Green on Sunday, just the day after she tweeted that she claimed that “the death toll from the new coronavirus vaccine is very high”.

The company stated that seeing “persistent conspiracy theories, alarmist remarks that are unfounded in research or credible reports, and widespread false statements and unsubstantiated rumors” may prevent people from making wise decisions with them. was in danger.

it introduce The escalating punishment system for infringers is called a “strike.” The most severe sanctions-a lifetime ban-were imposed in response to the fifth strike or the spread of false information.

In August last year, Twitter carried out a fourth strike on Green, resulting in her being banned for 7 days. At that time, she erroneously posted the vaccine “failure” on Twitter.

The ban applies to Green’s personal Twitter account @mtgreenee, but her official Congress account @RepMTG is not affected. “We have made it clear that in accordance with our strike system against this policy, we will permanently suspend accounts that have repeatedly violated the policy,” the company said.

Taylor Green issued a statement on the Telegram app on Sunday, condemning her claim that Twitter failed to take action against Democrats who violated its policies. She added: “I stand with the truth and the people. We will overcome it!”

Twitter’s actions are repeated calls for the end of the Republican Party P. 230 The Communications Regulation Act, which provides legal protection for online companies to delete content. They claim that social media companies have used it to prevent Republicans from speaking publicly while supporting Democrats.

The Democrats also called for amendments to Article 230, but for the opposite reason, they claimed that if the company does not take more active actions against misinformation and abuse on its website, the clause should be tightened to make the company liable .

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