Twitter adds alias to protect contributors to its Birdwatch fact checker

Since the beginning of this year, Twitter has launched a project called I have seen it crowdsource fact checks directly from other Twitter users. It now introduces a method for program participants to hide their identities when attaching notes to someone’s tweets. Starting today, the company said it will automatically generate aliases for new Birdwatch users who have not been publicly associated with their Twitter accounts.

The company said in a statement: “We want everyone to feel comfortable contributing to Birdwatch, and aliases allow you to write and review notes without sharing your Twitter username.” It hopes that this feature can reduce prejudice by emphasizing what people write in the notes they leave rather than their identities. , It says that aliases may also make people feel comfortable about “crossing party boundaries, or criticizing one’s own side without peer pressure or the prospect of retaliation.”

In addition to aliases, Twitter also launched a profile page to easily view someone’s past Birdwatch contributions. The company said it did so to ensure that aliases would not “at the expense of responsibility.” To this end, every comment on someone’s public profile will include the current rating that the contribution has received, allowing you to understand what the community thinks about it.Hope this helps This has been haunting the plan.

For those who joined Birdwatch before today’s announcement, all their previous contributions will now be under their new alias. Since some people may be able to infer the connection between someone’s Birdwatch profile and Twitter username based on fact checks they saw before the feature launch today, the company stated that program participants can delete their past history through their DM Birdwatch account. contribute.

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