Trump plays the king in Hungary and supports Orban

Former president Donald Trump Not only his Focus on the midterm elections in the United States this fall.

The former president fully supported the long-term Hungarian prime minister on Monday Victor Orban, A polarized figure in Europe trump card Advisor Steve Bannon was once called “trump card forward trump card. “

This move highlights the fact that conservatives and populists have led to Mr. Trump. trump card The responsibility of being president is not only facing election examinations in the United States, but also in countries around the world in 2022.

The former president has supported Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who was another close ally of Trump when he took office. trump card In the office, in his A difficult re-election campaign in October.

gentlemen. AubanMany critics say he Becoming more and more authoritarian and intolerant of different opinions his After 12 years in power, he often clashed with EU leaders over immigration, gay rights and national sovereignty in Brussels.

Hungarian parliamentary elections will be held in April.

But conservatives like Mr. Bannon and Fox News host Tucker Carlson welcomed him. AubanWilling to confront liberal elites and international organizations, and challenge traditional wisdom like a gentleman. trump card Have done his semester.

Victor Orban of Hungary True love his Country and want to be safe his People,” Mr. trump card By saying in a statement his Save the American PAC.

gentlemen. Auban “Protecting Hungary, Stop illegal immigration, create jobs and trade, and should be allowed to continue to do so in the upcoming elections,” trump card Write. “… he I fully support and approve of being re-elected as Prime Minister! “

gentlemen. Auban and his The dominant ruling Fidesz party is expected to face the toughest challenge in years when the broad Hungarian opposition party gathered in October to support the governor Peter Marki-Zay as their joint candidate to succeed Mr. Mr. Auban, I hope not to split their votes like in past election campaigns.

But Hungarian political commentators said that the ideological rift in the anti-Orban alliance has begun to show up, and Mr. Auban may be at his The road to another victory.

Civil liberties groups often give Hungary Under mr Auban The country’s democratic status and minority rights score low, and many Hungarian media are now controlled by government allies.

Hungary It is the only member of the 27 EU countries to be rated as “partially free” by the political watchdog organization Freedom House.

Some in Hungary I don’t appreciate Mr. trump cardStance, and noticed the irony of the timing of endorsements.

“A few days before January 6, i.e. his The shameful attempt to undermine American democracy– trump card endorsement Auban, The man who “successfully” destroyed American democracy Hungary,” wrote on Twitter, Katalin Cseh, HungaryThe centrist dynamic movement and members of the European Parliament.

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