Trump may use Twitter, but tweet the truth first

Donald Trump on the podium

Former President Donald Trump is almost certain to return to Twitter, a new filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission confirms.That is, assuming his Lifetime ban liftedand assuming an Elon Musk deal actually through.

this newly released file Part of the ongoing process of taking Trump’s Truth Social public through a SPAC acquisition (ie, a shell company that went public and then merged with Truth to avoid having to face financial scrutiny for Truth Social). Among other things, the document outlines Trump’s quasi-exclusive deal with the truth social platform.

“President Trump is generally obligated to post any social media post on TruthSocial and not to post the same on another social media site within 6 hours. Thereafter, he is free to post on any site he has access to, ” the document said.

But there is an important additional caveat: “Furthermore, [Trump] Posts related to political information, political fundraising or voting can be made from a personal account at any time on any social media site. “

So Trump can post on any social media platform at any time, as long as it can be considered political.And “politics” can be said to be an infinite umbrella for the predecessor President, and a possible future presidential candidate. For those who, this is a very obvious loophole recently claimed that he Just stick to your platform.

Musk, he’s in his midst hustle and bustle The $44 billion Twitter acquisition (i.e. Yes or no did happen), has made it clear that he will restore Trump On the platform, if he becomes the owner.Trump is start forever The site avoids further incitement to violence After his supporters stormed the USJanuary 6, Apitor.

Whether it’s a Twitter deal or no deal, however, Trump can rest assured that it’s contractually impossible to kick him off his platform. At the very least, Trump always has access to the truth.

From Monday’s Truth Society SEC filing:

TMTG has entered into a licensing agreement with President Trump that excludes President Trump’s personal or political conduct, even if such conduct may negatively affect TMTG’s reputation or brand or be deemed offensive, Honest, illegal, unethical or unethical or otherwise harmful to TMTG’s brand or reputation, shall be considered a violation of the license agreement. TMTG expressly acknowledges the nature of the controversy associated with President Trump and the potential for any related controversy to adversely affect TMTG.

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