“True Story” review: Kevin Hart showed his serious side in his family role

The series, especially after Hart’s role in another drama for Netflix, this movie “Father’s Love” A more gentle exercise.

Here, he plays Kidd, he came to his hometown of Philadelphia to play, where he went out to play with his eager brother Carlton (Wesley Snipes) for a night, causing a major crisis and forcing him Hired his brother to help clean up the mess, and got caught up in the track of some very, very bad people.

Kidd is also playing a high-profile movie role, but under these difficult circumstances, his off-screen performance seems very calm and calm, but his agitated behavior makes his manager (Paul Adelstein) uneasy. , And cause friction among people around him.

Most of the “True Story” involves seeing the world through Hart’s eyes, or at least seeing the world through Hart’s eyes, as a person who is constantly censored but gains a lot of benefits while dealing with admired fans, one of them (Well, played by “Son of Anarchy” Theo Rossi) occupies a prominent position in the plot.

However, the “True Story” is primarily a popcorn incident, and every apparent escape from the hangman’s noose produces an unexpected turn, drags the comedian into this nightmare, threatens the career he has worked so hard to build, and reveals How far will he go to protect that.

In fact, if Kidd seems to be wrong about this truly criminal world, as he said when talking about his star status, “They don’t know what I did to get here.”

The story also focuses on the tension between the two brothers. Kidd had released Carlton on bail in the past, but now he is more inclined to rely on him in this special situation. “I understand,” Carlton assured him.

Streaming has become an ideal platform for celebrities like Hart to explore Other creative ways Don’t worry about opening weekends.

The “True Story” achieves a delicate balance, providing a glimpse of the velvety existence behind the central character (and Hart), while at the same time using his life as a solid thriller that tells a compact, independent story.

Although no one wants another season-after all, how unlucky is it for one person? ——This is an exquisite production. When Hart spreads his dramatic wings, you can’t wait to see what he will do for Encore.

“True Story” premiered on Netflix on November 24th.

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