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Tre Walker’s sudden retirement will ‘prompt’ commanders to consider adding linebackers

ASHBORN — The Washington Commander coach Ron Rivera said Friday that the team will consider adding a linebacker after an unexpected retirement, and that injuries have made the team more at the position in recent days. Thin.

Rivera announced after Friday’s practice that linebacker Trey Walker — an undrafted free agent from Idaho State — told him he no longer wanted to play football, marking the second sudden change in training camp. Players leaving. Last week, tight end Antonio Gandy-Golden retired from the NFL and returned to school.

Walker’s retirement is the latest blow to the linebacker commander, days after Drew White tore his ACL and was waived as the injury resolved. Like Walker, White is an undrafted free agent and is in contention for the team.

The Commanders now have seven linebackers remaining on the roster: Cole Holcomb, Jamin Davis, David Mayo, Halleck Hudson, DeJon Harris, Milo Affler and Boo. Les Notry.

“Well, that obviously prompts us to think about it,” Rivera said when asked if Walker’s retirement would lead to commanders adding linebackers. “He’s a young man we really like and we think he has some mobility. Idaho tapes are really good. It’s unfortunate, but if there’s anything else this young man wants to do then he will continue to do so.”

Despite recent developments, there is no guarantee that the commanders will sign a linebacker. Washington, for example, chose to sign cornerback Devante Bowlesby to fill the roster following White’s injury.

Washington may also need help with other positions. Rivera said Cole Turner and Samis Reyes suffered hamstring injuries on Friday — which also kept the team skinny in tension as Logan Thomas (ACL) and John Bay Ci (calf) is still out. The commander’s offense struggled while practising the goal-line situation, which Rivera partly attributed to the lack of tight ends.

“The people you would normally be there,” Rivera said, “are not there.”

Rivera did not specify the severity of Turner and Reyes’ injuries. It remains to be seen whether the pair will take part in Saturday’s stadium practice at FedEx Field.

In the first week at the camp, the commanders had been injured for a long time. Curtis Samuel (conditioning) returned to the sidelines Friday to join Betts, wide receiver Diami Brown, cornerback DeJuan Neal, linebacker Sahediq Charles and safety Troy Arp G. et al. performed rehabilitation training with trainers. The commander has been guarding the offensive linebackers of Tretner (quad), center Tyler Larson (Achilles) and Cornelius Lucas (ill).

In general, Rivera has been reluctant to add linebackers this offseason. While the team signed a handful of undrafted players, Rivera has repeatedly said the team wants to evaluate young players before signing a veteran. When the camp opens in late July, Rivera said commanders will assess the location for the first week before making a decision.

Rivera and company hope Davis, last year’s 19th overall pick, can take a big step forward in his second season. Commanders were rotated with the first team at David Mayo on Friday, but Rivera said it was more of a check on certain formations than a reflection of Davis.

Davis and Holcomb are the team’s projected linebacker starters.

“It’s just the way some defenses are set up,” Rivera said. “We have some defenses, in which we have certain elements that we think are our big group. Other elements where we start with just one linebacker. So in most cases, the first person to come in is going to be [LB] rape [Holcomb]. It’s just a real group. ”

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