Transgender weightlifter Hubbard thanked the International Olympic Committee before the game

Tokyo (Associated Press)-Transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard participated in the Tokyo Olympics in Japan and thanked International Olympic Committee On Friday, thank her for helping her participate in the competition.

Since qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics, Hubbard has been the focus of support and criticism. On Monday, she was a gold medal contender for women’s weightlifting over 87 kg.

“The Olympics is a global celebration of our hopes, ideals and values. I commend International Olympic Committee Because it is committed to making sports inclusive and accessible,” Hubbard said in a comment provided by the New Zealand Olympic Committee.

“Laurel just arrived a few days ago. I just ran into her at lunch and we knew she was comfortable,” said NZOC Secretary-General Kereyn Smith. “She is ready. She knows the size of the stage very well and is very grateful for being able to compete in such an environment.”

This International Olympic Committee In 2015, a series of recommendations for the inclusion of transgender athletes were formulated. Many sports organizations, including the International Weightlifting Federation, have implemented similar policies. International Olympic Committee Suggest. Allow different sports to develop their own specific policies.

This International Olympic Committee Said that it will take into account the new scientific research and release a new “framework” for the qualifications of transgender athletes. This will lay the foundation for the sports industry to formulate its own latest policies.

International Olympic Committee Medical director Richard Budgett (Richard Budgett) said the organization is funding research on the impact of the transition.current International Olympic Committee The guidelines require athletes to demonstrate low testosterone levels within 12 months before the first competition.

“We funded some of these (researches), and it is particularly important to be based on transgender people and understand the actual impact of the transition on their performance, because this is what we really need to know,” Budget said.

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