“Toxic” podcast explores the regulation of Britney Spears

New York (Associated Press)-as Britney SpearsThe oversight is in the hands of the Los Angeles Superior Court judge, and the two podcast hosts who spent hours analyzing the case hope that the singer will become more independent.

Tess Buck Co-hosted Stitcher’s 10-episode podcast “Toxic: The Story of Britney Spears” with Barbara Gray, which is an in-depth discussion of regulation.

Neither is the lawyer. They are comedians, but said they spent hours reading cases and talking with experts.

“Every year during her management period, her accounting report was hundreds of pages long,” said Buck“There are suspicious things on almost every page. We have carefully checked the line items in every accounting report,” Buck“We are laymen, but we really do our best to understand the probate law and what may happen in this regulatory body.”

How did the two comics become so engaged Spear‘independent? Initially, they hosted a different podcast called “Britney’s Gram”, where they jokingly analyzed Spear’s Instagram posts. (It should be noted that there is a rabbit hole on the Internet obsessed with trying to decode Spear‘Instagram posts, looking for hidden information, asking for help, and admitting conspiracy theories. )

Buck Gray received an anonymous voicemail in 2019 stating that Spears’ stay in the mental hospital was involuntary. They changed gears and began investigating the regulator.The two concluded that some things seemed suspicious, especially because Spear I made so much money, but I couldn’t control it.

“Generally speaking, supervision is reserved for those who cannot meet their basic needs, such as food, clothing or shelter. And, you know, it seems Britney It’s definitely not the case,” Gray said.

They produced a new episode for their podcast and labeled it as “Britney Spears for Free” and described it as “a special emergency.” It took off and helped give birth to the hashtag #FreeBritney. Buck He Gray is now considered the founder of the Britney Free Movement.

Then the two began to report on each supervision hearing.

“One of the most surreal things is to see the scale of protests getting bigger and bigger,” said Buck.

“In the early days, there were sometimes five people standing outside with pink signs and, frankly, ignored by those entering the court. Juxtapose it with (now) a place with hundreds of people, and you can’t even walk down the sidewalk. , This is really crazy.”

After the hearing on June 23, the cause gained major momentum and attention Spear Enthusiastically announce to judge Brenda Penny that she wants to be free.Celebrities including Cher Spear‘Ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake (Justin Timberlake) expressed their support.

Buck Gray believes that public pressure and media attention are helping this case.

“For at least a year, my hopes for me are much greater than I really hope, maybe longer, because I think she can hire her own lawyer is a huge improvement,” said Buck.

On Monday, the new lawyer Matthew Rosengart requested that her father be expelled from the regulatory agency that had controlled her life and money for 13 years and replaced by a professional accountant.

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