TopGoal brings football to the Klaytn blockchain

The metaverse is not just a technical term. It’s a brand new virtual reality that is rapidly evolving to change lives and industries. What started as a sci-fi fantasy twenty years ago, the metaverse is now intertwined with modern life.guess it is a $1 trillion Therefore, the revenue opportunity is not surprising. Recently, that excitement has gripped the enterprise as well, with Facebook rebranding itself as Meta and launching a Metaverse-focused initiative in 2021.

But most importantly, the metaverse is the poster child for Web3. It utilizes technologies such as blockchain, cryptography, NFTs, and DAOs that are essential to the new era of the internet. So, naturally, its scope is expanding across fields. The sports field, in particular, is going through a violent upheaval, with major sporting events going virtual. Even VR-based sports games are fast becoming a popular pastime for sports fans.

Many projects have launched NFT-based sports games.One such GameFi protocol is top target. This is a football fantasy virtual world with a built-in digital marketplace where fans can access official NFT collections of their favorite players, clubs and moments.

TopGoal’s recent partnership with Binance, football institutions, and world-renowned players has made it a well-known metaverse project. Now, it has announced a strategic partnership with Kakao-powered public blockchain Klaytn to expand its sports gaming ecosystem.Explore the Asian crypto scene

TopGoal’s partnership with Klaytn explores partnership opportunities in the football industry, leveraging the network’s strong presence in Asia, particularly South Korea. Clayton It is South Korea’s dominant blockchain that facilitates the Bank of Korea’s central bank digital currency (CBDC) initiative. Also, the platform is known for connecting with the nifty app KakaoTalk through its crypto wallet Klip.

Klaytn has taken a bullish stance on Metaverse, tailoring solutions for Metaverse-oriented use cases. These include AAA-rated Play-to-Earn games, NFTs, and other DeFi services.The platform is well-positioned to thrive in this space because it Governance Committee Member‘ Expertise in blockchain, social networking, digital assets, gaming and entertainment.

Together, TopGoal and Klaytn have conceived a framework that introduces a new dimension to the sports metaverse. Its mission is to serve a prolific crypto market with friendly policies, high penetration and entrepreneurial clusters, hopefully reaching a wider audience.

The partnership will involve the launch of a co-branded Korean sports athlete certification IP on OpenSea as a Klaytn-based TopGoal NFT card. In turn, upcoming NFTs will introduce new utilities for Klaytn users via the TopGoal metaverse.

Its extensive expertise in sports betting, as well as Klaytn’s presence in Asia, will open doors of opportunity for sports fans.

Towards a Collaborative Web3 Ecosystem

The Metaverse brings many new possibilities. While sports games are one application of this virtual environment, there are many other applications to be explored in the near future.

In addition to prolific innovators, we’ve also witnessed steady growth in partnerships like TopGoal and Klaytn. The continuation of this trend is key to driving mainstream adoption of Metaverse. This will ultimately strengthen the foundation of Web3. So a better world is just around the corner.

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